Recreational Boating

Recreational Boating
To some people, the​ term recreational boating seems like an​ oxymoron of​ sorts .​
After all, why else would you go boating? There are people who make their living boating whether it’s participating in​ regattas or​ speed boat racing .​
Most people however use their boats for​ recreational purposes only.
Recreational boating is​ exactly what it​ sounds like – using a​ boat for​ having fun .​
You can do so many things with a​ boat, and​ all of​ them are fun depending on who you are and​ what you like .​
You can fish, swim, water ski, tube, or​ just relax and​ enjoy the​ water.
Millions of​ people enjoy recreational boating .​
Statistics say that on average one in​ every six households in​ the​ United States own a​ boat .​
An even larger number take advantage of​ rental opportunities renting a​ watercraft to​ enjoy a​ day on the​ water.
Of course, one of​ the​ biggest parts of​ recreational boating has to​ be knowing how to​ do it​ safely .​
for​ many people, an​ ideal day on the​ water includes a​ few cocktails, or​ actually more than a​ few .​
It is​ possible to​ actually get a​ BUI (boating while intoxicated) ticket, and​ accidents are much more likely to​ happen when the​ driver of​ a​ boat is​ impaired by alcohol.
For passengers who are consuming alcohol, there is​ also a​ risk .​
People who have had too much to​ drink tend to​ be unsteady on their feet .​
Add to​ that equation the​ fact that you are on a​ body of​ water that is​ unsteady as​ well, and​ you could very well have a​ man overboard scenario.
It’s best to​ keep alcohol consumption to​ a​ minimum while on the​ water .​
if​ you must drink, do so in​ moderation and​ be aware of​ how impaired you are before a​ problem occurs.
Mind the​ rules of​ the​ road when boating and​ expect others to​ be doing the​ same .​
Accidents are dramatically reduced when people obey the​ unwritten (and written) rules that the​ United States Coast Guard has set forth .​
Be considerate of​ others and​ you will greatly enjoy your boating excursion
Recreational boating also means being considerate of​ others on the​ same body of​ water .​
One of​ the​ best parts of​ boating is​ tying up in​ a​ cove and​ meeting new people .​
Keep in​ mind basic rules of​ courtesy and​ treat others like you would want to​ be treated .​
You’ll be surprised at​ how many wonderful friends you can make on the​ lake!
Recreational boating is​ one of​ the​ most enjoyable activities you can undertake .​
Take a​ few steps to​ know what you are doing and​ then enjoy it​ to​ the​ fullest .​
You will find more recreational activities while boating that you can participate in​ even in​ your older years.
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