Party Boating

Party Boating
The words party boating conjure up images of​ wild on board antics with alcohol abounding and​ beautiful ladies dancing in​ skimpy bikinis .​
Come on, you know that’s what you were thinking about! the​ reality is​ that party boating is​ a​ lot of​ that, but it​ truly is​ so much more.
We need to​ begin this article by stressing that if​ you are captaining a​ water craft, you should keep your alcohol consumption to​ a​ minimum .​
Boating while intoxicated is​ a​ serious issue, and​ you risk injury and​ even death to​ you as​ well as​ your fellow partiers .​
a​ boat is​ just as​ dangerous as​ a​ car – even more so – because you have the​ added factor of​ choppy waters instead of​ stable roads .​
Boat responsibly and​ drink less.
Party boating is​ a​ great way to​ connect with friends in​ a​ way that helps everyone have fun .​
Generally, the​ best party boating is​ done on a​ pontoon boat or​ a​ yacht .​
Pontoon boats are more affordable for​ the​ everyday Joe, but if​ you’re lucky enough to​ have a​ yacht – party away!
The best elements of​ great party boating are lots of​ food and​ drink .​
of​ course, you’ll have to​ have the​ room which is​ why a​ big pontoon boat that can accommodate a​ lot of​ people and​ a​ lot of​ food with ease .​
Make up a​ few hors d’ouevres like chicken wings, chips and​ dip, and​ a​ cheese platter and​ lay them out on a​ table on board.
You’ll want to​ have lots of​ coolers on hand to​ hold your beverages .​
It’s a​ good idea to​ keep things simple since you’re going to​ be on the​ water .​
Bringing along tons of​ mixers for​ drinks just isn’t practical, so keep it​ to​ aluminum cans for​ beer and​ soda and​ wine coolers for​ those non-beer drinkers.
No party is​ complete without music and​ when you are party boating, the​ situation is​ no different .​
if​ your boat doesn’t have its own stereo system, bring along a​ portable stereo and​ have plenty of​ batteries on hand .​
Have a​ variety of​ music available to​ meet the​ needs of​ your fellow partiers and​ let the​ music play!
Be sure you have life jackets for​ everyone on board, and​ make sure that no one does anything stupid .​
One of​ the​ cardinal rules of​ party boating is​ no drunken skiing or​ tubing and​ definitely no drunken swimming .​
Keep an​ eye on your guests and​ keep them safe.
Owning a​ boat is​ a​ wonderful advantage when you want to​ party boat, but there are ways that you can go party boating and​ have a​ blast without causing any problems for​ anyone else .​
Remember to​ be mindful of​ your fellow boaters and​ stay safe .​
and​ then, let the​ good times roll!
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