Naked Boating

Naked Boating
Whether you believe it​ or​ not, there really is​ a​ new trend in​ boating communities – naked boating .​
Now this isn’t something that occurs on every lake or​ river in​ the​ world, but it​ is​ happening mostly as​ an​ extension of​ the​ nudist lifestyle .​
Advocates of​ naked boating say that there is​ nothing better than being on a​ boat au natural and​ feeling the​ sun warm every part of​ the​ body without the​ encumberment of​ a​ swim suit.
There are thousands of​ people all over the​ United States who embrace nudism as​ a​ lifestyle .​
They allow this to​ spill over into their recreational activities as​ well which is​ why naked boating has become the​ way to​ go for​ many nudists .​
European people are not as​ paranoid about showing their naked bodies, so naked boating in​ European or​ Caribbean destinations is​ especially popular.
If you think that naked boating might be something you may want to​ try, we must warn you first .​
There are laws in​ many states that prohibit showing a​ naked body in​ a​ public place .​
That includes public waterways .​
Check with your state’s regulations before stripping down.
You may want to​ find a​ secluded place to​ drop anchor while you try naked boating .​
There are usually private coves and​ out-of-the-way portions of​ even the​ busiest lakes and​ rivers that can give you the​ privacy you want on a​ public waterway .​
Just be sure that you are alone before you show what God gave you.
You may want to​ check out a​ number of​ naked boating cruises that are available .​
Some boating companies specialize in​ naked cruises and​ they often travel to​ some pretty exotic locations .​
They tend to​ be affordable and​ because you will be with other people who love naked boating, you won’t be self-conscious at​ all if​ it’s your first time.
Many people like to​ also participate in​ water sports naked as​ well .​
Some say that there’s nothing better than diving into cool waters to​ go snorkeling or​ scuba diving .​
But, of​ course, you have to​ be a​ little careful of​ the​ marine life or​ else you could find some of​ your personal spaces a​ little violated!
If you are someone who enjoys naked boating and​ you will be having guests on your boat with you, please respect the​ other people’s comfort levels .​
if​ they are not nudists like you, consider giving them a​ heads up before the​ trip or​ keep yourself covered for​ everyone’s comfort .​
Naked boating can be a​ liberating experience, and​ if​ it’s what you want, by all means take it​ off .​
Just make sure you are doing so legally!
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