Lakeland Boating

Lakeland Boating
Lakeland Boating magazine is​ one of​ the​ most popular magazines for​ boating enthusiasts .​
Based in​ Chicago, Lakeland Boating has been the​ voice of​ the​ Sweetwater Seas for​ more than fifty years.
Their magazine offers a​ comprehensive guide to​ the​ sport of​ boating both professionally as​ well as​ recreationally .​
They provide in-depth boat tests to​ help the​ boating enthusiast choose the​ right boat .​
They will also review boating products and​ announce any new developments in​ boating products.
Lakeland Boating magazine is​ a​ great resource for​ information on weekend getaways .​
They also give lots of​ information about colorful ports of​ call around the​ world .​
One of​ the​ fun parts of​ boating is​ exploring new places .​
if​ you are a​ boater in​ the​ Great Lakes area, Lakeland Boating is​ for​ you.
Inside the​ pages of​ Lakeland Boating, you will find tips on engine maintenance and​ repair as​ well as​ the​ most popular marine electronics .​
It’s important for​ you to​ take good care of​ your boat if​ you want it​ to​ last .​
This magazine will help you along the​ way!
Their website is​ also a​ great source of​ information for​ avid boaters .​
Located at​, you can get lots of​ tips and​ tricks from other boaters .​
They have separate departments for​ features like engine repair, how to​ buy a​ used boat, and​ much more.
Join their message board and​ meet other boaters from the​ Great Lakes region .​
Search for​ boats for​ sale and​ find a​ great bargain on a​ beautiful boat! Lakeland Boating’s website also offers a​ cruising guide as​ well as​ a​ place where you can place your own boat up for​ sale.
You will be up-to-date on any boating events that are happening in​ the​ area with their event calendar .​
You can even get some great books and​ videos in​ their online store .​
the​ store includes boating guides to​ each of​ the​ Great Lakes.
Lakeland Boating magazine is​ passionate about boating and​ strives to​ keep fellow boaters safe while on the​ water .​
They give you tips on safety and​ show you ways to​ make sure that your boating experience is​ both satisfying and​ safe.
Lakeland Boating magazine is​ published eleven times per year .​
Their subscription rates are quite reasonable at​ just $21.95 .​
Plus, you can subscribe right on their website and​ save money off the​ newsstand rate.
If you are into boating, especially boating in​ the​ Great Lakes region, Lakeland Boating magazine is​ definitely for​ you .​
Stay current with all the​ most recent boating news and​ learn more than you ever thought with Lakeland Boating!
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