Italian Designer Sterling Silver Jewelry

Italian Designer Sterling Silver Jewelry
Jewelry,​ is​ the​ art of​ ornamental adornment of​ the​ body and nowhere on​ earth can you​ find more dedication to​ the​ heart and soul of​ the​ jewelry design than in​ Italy .​
While many countries produce jewelry,​ few can compare to​ the​ rich history of​ Italy and the​ passion that Italian people have for beautiful design .​
In times past,​ jewelry was used to​ represent a​ person’s rank in​ society,​ community affiliation or​ as​ a​ sign of​ the​ person’s religious choice .​
This tradition began thousands of​ years ago in​ southern Italy,​ the​ Etruscans created gold jewelry that has never found an​ equal .​
While gold is​ ever popular,​ more Italian jewelry designers are turning to​ sterling silver to​ express their creativity,​ such as​ Stefani Argento,​ who manufactures beautiful designs exclusively in​ .925 sterling silver .​
In Valenza,​ the​ famous Italian city which is​ the​ undisputed world leader in​ jewelry designed with precious stones,​ you​ will find them combined in​ remarkable designs in​ silver .​
Because of​ its high quality,​ the​ sterling silver jewelry of​ Italian designers is​ in​ high demand throughout the​ world .​
In fact,​ Italy is​ the​ power center of​ the​ European jewelry industry,​ with silver and gold articles covering 70% of​ the​ total production .​
Each year in​ Italy 500 tons of​ fine gold,​ 1400 of​ silver and 4 of​ platinum are processed .​
There are over 10,​000 companies operating in​ jewelry industry,​ employing 40,​000 people for production .​
Italy's history of​ fine jewelry design and craftsmanship continues today in​ both classical and contemporary styles .​
While gold designs are prized for their delicate artistry,​ in​ sterling silver the​ trend is​ oversized .​
Today's silver jewelry piece does not go unnoticed,​ the​ styles vary from sharp,​ angular shapes with alternating softer,​ rounder ones .​
And the​ Italian designers are working with many different types of​ elements,​ mixing and matching to​ create unusual results .​
They are taking sterling silver and combining it​ with natural,​ semiprecious stones such as​ agate,​ mother-of-pearl,​ onyx,​ pink quartz and various shades of​ rhodonite,​ as​ well as​ transparent plexiglass and the​ diaphanous,​ elegant reflections of​ pearls .​
The au natural designs combine wood with silver .​
Whether it​ is​ geometric,​ romantic,​ eclectic or​ unisex,​ Italian designers like Giuseppe Zantomio,​ Monica Traquandi and Pianegonda are taking sterling silver to​ new heights .​
Where to​ Find Italian Designer Sterling Silver Jewelry
The jewelry-making districts of​ Italy are legend .​
You will find many top quality Italian designers with sterling silver jewelry showrooms in​ Arezzo and Vincenza .​
In addition,​ there are many manufacturers offering sterling silver and gold designs in​ these regions: Veneto (Venice),​ Toscana (Tuscany),​ Piedmont,​ Lombardy and Campania.
The designs you​ will find produced by these craftsmen honor the​ long history and tradition high quality of​ Italian silver jewelry .​
Italy designers are world renowned as​ the​ world leader in​ jewelry production because of​ their outstanding technical skills,​ which accounts for the​ abundance of​ jewelry schools in​ most of​ the​ cities of​ Italy,​ which hosts thousands of​ jewelry students from all over the​ world.
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