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Online education has become very popular for many students. it​ can allow people to​ obtain a​ certificate,​ diploma or​ even a​ degree at​ their own convenience. Yet,​ despite this many will still not be able to​ take advantage of​ it. Why? It’s because most online educational programs are very expensive. Even a​ certificate can cost you hundreds of​ dollars. And degrees or​ diplomas will cost you thousands. This is​ not good for individuals who need career training yet have lower budgets. However,​ hope is​ not lost since there are many companies offering free online training for various occupational skills.

Why would a​ company offer free online training to​ Internet surfers? the​ answer to​ this question depends on​ the​ company’s motives. For example,​ offers a​ membership program where visitors get access to​ hundreds of​ their training tutorials. They offer a​ temporary type of​ free online training to​ allow people to​ try their service before actually buying. Other companies,​ (such as​,​ offer free online training for e-mail marketing purposes. in​ order to​ have access to​ their free online training programs,​ you must provide your name and email address. This subscribes you to​ their newsletter,​ which will advertise products or​ services that may be of​ interest to​ you. Then there are the​ companies or​ individuals who make free online training content for their websites. They get their revenue from pay-per-click networks they may be a​ part of. the​ hope is​ that by reading their engaging content,​ you will be on​ the​ site long enough to​ click on​ one of​ their ads,​ allowing them to​ earn a​ commission.

Depending on​ the​ type of​ free online training program you decide to​ use,​ you may even get a​ certificate showing you successfully completed your training. This is​ the​ case with,​ though keep in​ mind their free online training is​ temporary,​ (as you will have to​ pay $149 a​ year for long-term access). if​ you are fortunate enough to​ be able to​ get a​ certificate from a​ free online training program,​ make sure to​ make mention of​ it​ on​ your resume under a​ ‘Certifications’ section. if​ not you can still make mention of​ the​ knowledge you gained from free online training,​ though you will have to​ put it​ in​ the​ ‘Skills’ or​ ‘Qualifications’ section.

To find free online training programs,​ it’s best if​ you type in​ the​ skill you’re looking to​ learn plus the​ phrase “free online training” into a​ search engine. Be aware that some sites claiming to​ offer free online training programs may only have a​ tutorial that is​ one or​ two pages. While this may still help you,​ it’s best if​ you can get something more extensive. Format-wise free online training can come in​ a​ separate interactive program,​ a​ PDF file or​ a​ regular web page. Free online training that is​ more thorough will be given through a​ separate program,​ (which usually can be downloaded from the​ company’s website).

In conclusion,​ if​ you do not have the​ money to​ invest in​ a​ normal online course,​ consider taking advantage of​ a​ free online training program. Sure,​ it​ may not be as​ impressive as​ a​ certificate,​ diploma or​ degree from an​ accredited institution,​ but it​ can still serve as​ an​ excellent resume builder.
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