A Review Of Bontonmairimnam Restaurant

A Review of​ Bontonmairimnam Restaurant
On my current vacation in​ Khon Kaen, Thailand, I​ had the​ opportunity to​ visit one of​ my favorite restaurants.
I wanted to​ take my girlfriend's mother out to​ dinner and​ was told lunch would be a​ better idea .​
Not one to​ argue, I​ agreed.
My lady asked me where I​ wanted to​ take her mom for​ lunch and​ the​ choice was simple .​
Having been to​ Khon Kaen a​ few months ago, I​ told my girl that I​ wanted to​ go to​ Bontonmairimnam Restaurant.
This is​ a​ small restaurant just outside the​ city limits and​ right on the​ bank of​ a​ river .​
It is​ cool and​ peaceful and​ has small, individual eating areas in​ gazebo-like wooden structures.
There is​ usually a​ cool breeze running through this outdoor restaurant and​ today was no exception .​
After ordering a​ couple of​ cokes, some water, and​ a​ cold beer, it​ was time to​ study the​ menu.
Fortunately for​ me, the​ menu is​ in​ Thai and​ English .​
This is​ unusual for​ the​ area and​ especially for​ a​ restaurant so far away from the​ few English-speaking tourists that visit Khon Kaen.
After poring over the​ menu, decisions by all were made .​
We placed out order to​ the​ very attentive young lady servers and​ chit-chatted while we waited for​ our lunch.
Within 5 minutes or​ so, the​ parade of​ food started to​ arrive .​
Boiled eggs, spicy papaya salad, oyster salad, squid, vegetables, and​ steamed rice arrived .​
I​ had to​ wait a​ couple of​ more minutes for​ my fried dishes.
Soon, my fried shrimp and​ onion rings and​ spring rolls arrived .​
I​ had already started with the​ food that the​ ladies ordered, as​ all is​ shared.
Picking from eight different plates and​ complimenting them with the​ rice on my plate, the​ food just kept on coming.
Conversation and​ drinks continued to​ flow and​ we ate and​ ate and​ ate .​
the​ pace was slow, the​ breeze lightly setting off the​ wind chime, and​ the​ river flowed behind me.
Continuing to​ eat, it​ was time to​ order another beer from one of​ the​ girls hovering near our table .​
She got it​ in​ an​ instant, and​ poured me another cold one.
After dinner goodies were available, but none of​ us could eat another morsel .​
From veggies to​ seafood, to​ salads and​ friend shrimp, it​ was all delicious.
A final bottle of​ water was ordered to​ wash it​ all down and​ some more relaxing conversation continued.
It was time to​ head back to​ the​ hotel so I​ called for​ the​ bill and​ since I​ had been here before, was not surprised .​
the​ grand total was 860 Baht, or​ roughly, 27 US dollars for​ 8 dishes, 2 large beers, 2 cokes, and​ a​ bottle of​ water .​
Adding a​ small, 40 baht tip and​ we had a​ feast for​ under 30 dollars.
One of​ the​ many reasons I​ love Thailand.
A Review Of Bontonmairimnam Restaurant A Review Of Bontonmairimnam Restaurant Reviewed by Henda Yesti on February 10, 2018 Rating: 5

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