Zulu Musical Instruments Essential To Develop Musical Traditions In Africa

African music is​ the​ music of​ Africans who live in​ a​ large region of​ 50 nations,​ each with a​ special culture,​ history and language,​ South of​ Sahara. Zulu musical instruments are part of​ this multilingual culture. African music has some distinct characteristics: the​ use of​ repetition is​ one of​ them. Another important characteristic is​ the​ polyphony; this is​ the​ combination of​ different musical parts played simultaneously.

The history is​ marked by the​ awesome military strategies of​ the​ Zulu King Shaka. the​ King’s and his warriors’ campaign of​ expansion is​ well known in​ world history. Zulu rich traditional culture includes songs,​ dances and colorful rituals,​ Zulu musical instruments are spectacular and original. a​ variety of​ Zulu musical instruments are well known,​ s well as​ the​ traditional Mine dance; Zulus have longtime used their music as​ a​ cry for freedom.

African music is​ really rich in​ modes of​ expression: drum ensembles are using Zulu musical instruments from the​ percussion family. Each drummer uses special methods to​ produce sounds to​ distinguish his drum from the​ others. Iron bells are very popular Zulu musical instruments; they are used to​ produce a​ repeated sound to​ help the​ drummers to​ play at​ the​ correct time.

Zulu musical instruments,​ rare and very special
The akadinda is​ a​ king of​ xylophone; two groups of​ African musicians are playing simultaneously. the​ first group is​ playing repeatedly the​ same pattern; the​ second group plays to​ fill in​ the​ missing sounds. Groups of​ Zulu musicians play also using flutes,​ trumpets or​ xylophones. Each player plays a​ single note in​ a​ strange rotation with the​ other players. the​ result is​ a​ polyphonic piece,​ characteristic to​ African music.

Musical practices of​ South African people were observed from many years; Zulu musical instruments are obsolete. Venda mbila is​ an​ old Zulu musical instrument; it​ is​ not used anymore. Reed flutes,​ contrary,​ are still very popular. the​ influence of​ foreign cultures and civilizations causes many of​ old Zulu musical instruments to​ become obsolete.

Musical instruments such as​ tsonga – a​ horn,​ ingungu – a​ friction drum,​ nkoka – a​ drum,​ pedi – a​ flute,​ venda – musical bow and stick,​ deze and demba – thumb piano and resonatos,​ umfece – ankle rattles are almost obsolete.

To preserve this awesome heritage of​ Zulu musical instruments,​ the​ necessary information was entered into a​ database; each Zulu musical instrument was digitally photographed to​ preserve all information about it.
Zulu Musical Instruments Essential To Develop Musical Traditions In Africa Zulu Musical Instruments Essential To Develop Musical Traditions In
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