Write A Winner Book Fast 8 Ways P1

Have you given up on​ getting your book out of​ your heart into the​ hands of​ your readers? Don't give up. There's an​ easy way to​ do anything and a​ more difficult way. the​ easy way usually includes getting helpful advice from someone that's been there and done that. the​ author has written five of​ those ten books that were stuck in​ her heart a​ few years ago. Here's eight steps that will speed you on​ your way to​ getting your book out now:

1. Setup a​ regular writing schedule.

Think about your priorities right now. Can you fit 7-10 hours a​ week in? if​ you have to​ let something go that is​ not high on​ your priority list,​ do it. Now is​ your time. Later is​ not better. Set yourself up
for a​ successfully written book this year by committing to​ a​ regular schedule. After it's done,​ remember to​ reward yourself.

2. Plan a​ short book first.

Many aspiring writers overwhelm themselves with goals of​ a​ 365 page book first. Shorten your book to​ 25-90 pages the​ first time or​ divide your large book into a​ smaller book one and two. Though you shorten it,​ still fill it​ with useful information by using the​ question and answer format for each chapter. Using the​ same format and length for each chapter and answering all your readers' questions will not only speed your writing process but it​ will result in​ a​ successful book.

3. Let your passion lead you to​ a​ topic.

Passion will not only stir your readers when your book is​ done but it​ will keep you motivated to​ do the​ work involved. Yes,​ I did say work. Passion will make your work easy. Passion will lead you to​ develop all the​ profit centers (seminars,​ articles,​ or​ consulting services) your message deserves.

4. Choose what's interesting to​ you.

If you are interested in​ what you are writing about you will happily write all you know and research to​ know more about your subject. You will easily spice your writing with interesting tid-bits that will delight your readers and keep them reading until the​ end of​ your book.

Get your book out of​ your heart to​ paper fast. if​ you wait you could be this time next year with the​ same desire to​ get your book out. Use the​ eight easy steps of​ committing to​ a​ regular writing schedule,​ planning a​ short book first,​ choosing a
passion-led topic,​ picking an​ interesting to-you subject,​ getting to​ know your reader first,​ developing a​ plan for each chapter,​ designing your book's top market spots,​ and choosing your non-fiction topic first to​ become a​ successful author sooner. the​ world is​ waiting for your important message to​ answer their questions and help them become successful.

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