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Do you dream of​ being an​ author? To write a​ book? You enjoy writing,​ but don't think of​ yourself as​ a​ real writer .​
Stop thinking that way! Everyone's got a​ book in​ them,​ but only a​ few actually write a​ book .​
It's not as​ daunting a​ task as​ you may think .​
Only desire is​ required .​
Read on​ to​ discover how you can write a​ book.
Writing nonfiction is​ a​ good place to​ start .​
Nonfiction is​ easier to​ research and organize than fiction .​
You don't have to​ worry about characters,​ dialogue,​ conflicts etc .​
How-to books are a​ good example .​
If you're an​ avid fisherman who knows all the​ secrets of​ fishing in​ the​ Northwest,​ you've got a​ book .​
Are you a​ cook with extensive knowledge of​ Cajun cuisine? Write a​ book of​ recipes with Cajun cooking secrets .​
Are you the​ consummate discount shopper in​ a​ big city? Are you the​ neighborhood pet expert? These are all subjects people want to​ learn about .​
There is​ something you know and already love doing that other people want to​ know.
I don't have any time! If you really want to​ write a​ book,​ it​ can be done .​
It's a​ matter of​ priorities .​
Set aside a​ time each day that you can devote to​ writing .​
Talk to​ your family,​ and let them know you'd really like to​ give this a​ shot .​
You may be surprised to​ find how supportive they are.
Even if​ you find you need to​ get up an​ hour earlier or​ skip the​ weekly sit-com,​ you can choose to​ set aside that time to​ write .​
If you set a​ goal of​ three pages per day,​ you'll have a​ book in​ three months! Commit to​ an​ amount of​ time and pages per day,​ and you will write a​ book.
Start with an​ outline .​
Let's take the​ discount shopper as​ our example .​
Your outline might look like this:
I .​
Introduction – You need not pay retail .​
Organized by category .. .​
food,​ restaurants,​ clothing,​ shoes,​ baby stores,​ interior decorating,​ linens,​ garden items .​
Tell your reader what they'll gain by reading your book.
II .​
Categories -
A .​
B .​
C .​
D .​
E .​
Baby stuff
F .​
Interior decorating
.. .​
and so on​ .​
Just sort out the​ areas you want to​ cover .​
If you find your knowledge is​ not comprehensive,​ research on​ the​ net! If you want to​ write a​ book,​ the​ information you need is​ out there!
Begin your work from your outline .​
What are you passionate about today? Pick a​ topic from your outline and start writing .​
No need for an​ anxiety attack when you begin .​
Just look over your outline,​ and whatever reaches out and grabs you,​ start writing .​
You'll gain inspiration and confidence .​
Write every day.
When you've got your first draft,​ hire a​ professional editor to​ help you polish your book .​
You can publish your book as​ an​ ebook,​ or​ go through traditional publishing houses .​
But that's another story .​
Now go write a​ book!
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