Willas Poppy Book Review

Willa’s Poppy is​ a​ 166-page young adult,​ thriller-adventure with a​ hero-element in​ a​ subtle theme of​ rising above challenges and making a​ difference in​ the​ world. Animal lovers,​ rescue shelter workers and all readers from 8-18 will adore Poppy’s adventures. Because the​ author also gives insight into an​ adult’s life through their feelings and experiences with their careers,​ this book may serve as​ a​ tool to​ bring understanding and awareness in​ families.

Willa’s Poppy is​ about the​ exciting adventures of​ a​ girl and her puppy as​ they grow to​ maturity. Willa,​ a​ young teenager,​ struggled in​ school. Her desires for a​ bloodhound dog enabled her to​ earn the​ pet through better grades. Always a​ bit of​ a​ loner with only one true friend,​ Willa easily took to​ training and befriending the​ rescued puppy. Bonding with her beloved Poppy brings Willa out of​ her shell where she blooms into a​ bright flower. the​ family has subtle difficulties,​ but the​ entire family comes together when Poppy locates a​ missing child and rescues both Willa and her baby brother,​ from a​ dangerous criminal.

Author of​ 5 other books,​ WWII veteran,​ farmer and garlic specialist Chester Aaron creates a​ wonderful,​ heart-warming story in​ which the​ hero is​ Willa’s dog – Poppy. the​ only noticeable negative point is​ the​ poor quality of​ the​ front cover design. Otherwise,​ I heartily recommend this book.

ISBN#: 1-55410-282-0
Author: Chester Aaron
Publisher: Zumaya Publications
Willas Poppy Book Review Willas Poppy Book Review Reviewed by Henda Yesti on January 31, 2018 Rating: 5

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