Wild Birds What Do They Prefer At Their Feeding Station

Each and every wild bird has their own favorite meals,​ but the​ popular sunflower seeds are known to​ be the​ favorite among seed-eater birds. This is​ important information for bird enthusiasts who may want to​ attract a​ variety of​ wild birds to​ their backyard feeders. This information also explains why sunflower seed is​ the​ major ingredient in​ wild bird seed mixes. There is​ a​ wide variety of​ wild bird seed mixes to​ choose from for bird feeding,​ but most mixes are not a​ favorite among wild birds. There are three main tips for purchasing wild bird seed. the​ first tip would be to​ check the​ label. Smart shoppers usually check the​ label when they buying food for their families these days. Labels should also be checked when buying seed mixes as​ well. if​ you​ want to​ attract a​ variety of​ wild birds to​ your feeders,​ stay away from wild bird mixes that contain oats,​ cereals and/or "mixed grains." Most wild birds dislike these ingredients. Another tip is​ to​ avoid fillers such as​ the​ mixed grains. Some bird seed mixes contain “filler” seeds,​ which add weight to​ the​ bag,​ but usually end up in​ a​ pile under your bird feeder because birds know what they like,​ and simply put,​ it’s not “fillers.” Birds often sweep their bills through their seed and dump the​ ones they don't want or​ they dislike on​ to​ the​ ground. Even ground-feeding birds may even ignore the​ spilled seed. the​ final tip in​ purchasing wild bird seed is​ to​ select clean bags of​ food. Most bird seed is​ 94 to​ 95 percent clean,​ which may sound pretty clean,​ but a​ 40-pound bag of​ seed may include over two pounds of​ inedible material,​ which means more debris that will find its way to​ the​ ground. Some vendors are required to​ sift the​ bird seed three times to​ remove any empty shells,​ sticks,​ leaves and other debris which is​ commonly found in​ other vendors’ seed bags.

So to​ wrap things up,​ I hope you​ found this information helpful to​ you. Now you​ know the​ basic tips on​ what your wild birds want and prefer. Take these three simple steps in​ consideration next time you​ purchase your wild bird seed and take notice at​ the​ increase in​ wild birds feeding at​ your feeders.
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