Why We Should Be Worried About The Bird Flu

Is the​ Bird Flu Virus for real? or​ is​ it​ something the​ media has blown up once again. Does the​ bird flu virus really possess a​ threat to​ us humans?

The bird flu virus is​ the​ current virus that has been scaring people away from eating at​ KFC. People might think that the​ bird flu virus might cause them to​ die.

What the​ media is​ doing,​ is​ only trying to​ scare a​ lot of​ people from the​ bird flu virus. This is​ maybe because of​ the​ pandemic that we have experienced before from other flu that have killed millions.

The most famous of​ all the​ flu is​ the​ pandemic that happened during 1918-19. the​ Spanish flu killed more people than World War 1. 500 million became ill of​ this virus and around 40 million died.

That’s why for every new flu virus that’s been arising,​ people get worried right away. Scientist will try to​ prevent viruses from getting a​ lot worse like the​ 1918-19 pandemic. the​ media on​ the​ other hand serves to​ inform the​ people of​ the​ potential threat.

Another thing to​ worry about is​ that 36,​000 people die everyday of​ ordinary influenza virus in​ the​ United States alone. Can you​ imagine how much worse a​ pandemic can cause?

Also every 3 to​ 4 times in​ a​ century there will always be a​ chance that a​ flu pandemic may hit. What if​ the​ bird flu virus is​ already among them? That’s why people form the​ media and scientist grow deeply worried.

The flu can basically achieve these things because it​ has the​ ability to​ mutate. it​ can change quickly and outwit the​ vaccines that have been created for previous flu strains. Then they take the​ immune system by storm.

The flu can also grab the​ genetic material of​ other viruses and also jump from one species to​ another. There are times where the​ transfer needs to​ be done via an​ intermediary. Such as​ the​ West Nile Fever,​ this needs a​ mosquito to​ be transferred.

The viruses that have transferred from animals to​ people are not something new. This has been happening since the​ 1980’s. the​ new virus that ahs been scaring people of​ that comes from animals is​ the​ bird flu.

Bird flu’s symptoms usually start out quite simple and the​ infected person might think that it’s just an​ ordinary flu. the​ infected person will experience muscle aches,​ sore throats,​ colds and cough. However,​ it​ may lead to​ the​ immediate death of​ the​ infected person.

Currently,​ people who have died form bird flu are still not abundant to​ call it​ a​ pandemic or​ worry about an​ outbreak. What worries the​ health officials is​ the​ possibility it​ becomes an​ outbreak when it​ mutates and can transfer from one person to​ the​ other.
That’s why its better the​ media and the​ health officials worry about this thing a​ whole lot before we get another pandemic like that of​ the​ Spanish Flu.
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