Why To Own A Road Bike

This articles gives information on road bikes and​ figures out why they are popular.

The oldest and​ most popular form of​ bikes is​ the​ Road Bike. These have been an​ eye-catcher for​ people since decades and​ one can easily find several deals on the​ internet to​ buy Vintage Road Bikes. These bikes are popular as​ they are light weight and​ have been designed specifically to​ ride on smooth roads. One can easily sail on a​ flat road for​ miles with an​ ease and​ speed, which cannot be found in​ any other bike ride.

Why Are They So Popular

Tires: - the​ road bikes are swift as​ they run on thin tires - tires are kept as​ thin as​ possible so that the​ drag produced is​ minimum. as​ the​ friction is​ minimized, these bikes can attain high speeds within seconds with very little effort. a​ word of​ caution – as​ the​ amount of​ friction is​ lessened on the​ bike tires; stability of​ these bikes also comes under scanner. They are less steady as​ compared to​ mountain bikes (which depend a​ lot on stability and​ road grip due to​ the​ terrain on which they are used).

Handlebars: - Propelled by new innovations in​ road bike design and​ technology over the​ last decade, these road bikes have become a​ treat to​ watch. the​ metallic colors and​ designs often prompt you to​ stop and​ have a​ second look at​ them. to​ add style to​ them, these come with special curved handlebars that give many hand arrangements over long runs. These handlebars also assist the​ rider to​ a​ have a​ low, smooth riding stance.

Gearing System: - Another astonishing feature about these bikes is​ the​ gearing system. in​ order to​ provide a​ relaxing feeling over along distance, most modern bikes have triple chain-rings at​ the​ front and​ around 10 rings on the​ rear wheel. This allows a​ huge gear range so that bikes can cope with steep hills and​ twisting roads. Even the​ ones used for​ racing and​ superior performance employ such gear technology, as​ high gears are required for​ faster speeds. Integrated brake levers and​ gear shifters is​ another recent advancement that has allowed bikers to​ change the​ gear and​ pull the​ brakes, both at​ the​ same time, with very little movement of​ hands.

Road Bikes – an​ Asset to​ Own

With the​ amount of​ work, money and​ time being invested in​ road bike technology, it​ is​ an​ investment to​ look out for. if​ someone has not driven these latest bikes, that person is​ certainly missing something in​ his life.
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