Why Should We Download Audio Book Titles

Why Should we​ Download Audio Book Titles?
I guess it's a​ funny old world when people enjoy reading using their ears rather than their eyes! the​ ability to​ download audio book titles has proven to​ be very popular,​ especially for those who feel too busy to​ find time to​ put their feet up,​ pour a​ glass of​ wine and have a​ good old 'traditional' read .​
But it's not a​ popular trend with everybody.
Detractors moan that audio book CDs are too bulky,​ they get lost easily and you need a​ CD player to​ hand .​
The actor reading the​ story might not have the​ 'right' kind of​ voice and this is​ off-putting (especially if​ you've built up an​ 'internal' voice in​ your head already) .​
We also hear that they're a​ threat to​ traditional reading skills.
However,​ this ignores the​ broader spectrum: audio books open up great literature (and factual writing) to​ a​ wider audience and,​ as​ we​ live in​ the​ computer age,​ there are many different,​ quick,​ cheap and convenient methods of​ delivery .​
Every town seems to​ have a​ new multimedia outlet springing up,​ providing all kinds of​ software and hardware audio products .​
But maybe the​ greatest advancement is​ in​ the​ ability to​ download audio book titles.
The most common route to​ follow is​ to​ download the​ audio book as​ an​ MP3 (although there are propriety formats which are often designed to​ restrict the​ amount of​ copying that can be done) .​
MP3s are in​ common use and can be stored on​ your computer's hard drive,​ burned onto a​ CD or​ DVD or​ transferred onto an​ iPod or​ MP3 player (for those who like to​ listen to​ 'War and Peace' whilst jogging!) .​
The beauty of​ this method is​ that the​ original 'master' file is​ still on​ your hard drive,​ so if​ you lose your MP3 player or​ scratch your CD,​ you can still listen to​ your audio and transfer it​ to​ another medium when you're ready.
With the​ introduction of​ the​ new iPod phones (and the​ clones that will follow by other manufacturers) downloading audio books will become even more popular .​
Imagine being able to​ make a​ call,​ take photos,​ listen to​ music AND listen to​ your favourite Harry Potter novel all on​ one small,​ portable device!
The best way to​ download audio book titles,​ then,​ is​ to​ join a​ subscription service .​
The companies providing this service have proliferated greatly over the​ last few years and most provide a​ reasonably priced and hassle-free download of​ your books .​
Joining these services need not be expensive and is​ not difficult to​ do .​
Browsing their extensive catalogue of​ fiction and non-fiction titles is​ one of​ my favorite activities,​ akin to​ wandering around a​ huge bookstore in​ town,​ but without all the​ crowds!
There are many online services where you can browse,​ then join their subscription service .​
Here are just a​ few of​ the​ hundreds available:
1 .​
Audible.com and Audible.co.uk
2 .​
3 .​
4 .​
5 .​
6 .​
I realize it​ can be difficult choosing an​ online service for your audio books,​ but there are review resources on​ the​ internet (which you should definitely check out) and most of​ the​ companies offer free trial periods where you can evaluate their service and try out their systems and quality of​ books BEFORE you commit any hard cash.
So,​ there really is​ no excuse not to​ download audio book titles and try out what is​ going to​ be a​ hugely popular way to​ digest literature in​ the​ future!
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