Why Mountain Bike Shoes

To increase your enjoyment of​ mountain biking, the​ right shoe is​ essential. a​ shoe designed specifically for​ the​ mountain biker is​ the​ way to​ go.

Mountain bike shoes come in​ a​ variety of​ prices, from the​ inexpensive $70 range, up to​ over $400. the​ amount of​ money you pay depends entirely on whether or​ not you are a​ casual, once-a-month rider, a​ serious hobbyist, or​ someone who competes in​ races - either amateur or​ professional.

What is​ it​ about mountain bike shoes that make them a) important to​ have and​ b) so expensive?

Shoes designed specifically for​ cycling have stiff soles, which helps the​ cyclist in​ transferring the​ power from his legs and​ feet to​ the​ pedals and​ thence to​ the​ chain for​ greater speed. Since the​ road cyclist is​ expected to​ be on his or​ her bike at​ all times without having to​ do a​ great deal of​ walking, they normally have a​ protruding cleat which slots into the​ recess on their pedals.

A protruding cleat would be of​ no use to​ the​ mountain biker, who quite frequently has to​ get off the​ bike and​ wheel or​ carry it​ around obstacles. So mountain bike shoes have recessed cleats, that won't interfere with walking, and​ aren't made with a​ totally rigid sole, but one that will give just a​ little bit.

There are dozens of​ mountain biking shoes on the​ market. Men will find a​ wider variety of​ designs then women, nevertheless there are quite a​ few styles designed specifically for​ the​ smaller foot of​ the​ average woman.

What makes the​ mountain bike shoe so important?
The occasional biker usually doesn't bother with toe clips or​ clipless pedals....they just hop on their bike and​ they're away. However, the​ serious cyclist wants to​ get all the​ power he or​ she can out of​ a​ pedaling, and​ with the​ shoe firmly attached to​ the​ pedal - either with a​ toeclip or​ by a​ cleat, the​ cyclist can pull upward on the​ pedal as​ well as​ simultaneously pushing downward on the​ other pedal, which increases the​ speed of​ the​ bike.

What makes the​ mountain bike shoe so expensive?
Well, as​ with any shoe, the​ price comes down to​ what the​ shoe is​ made of. the​ lighter the​ shoe is, the​ better for​ the​ racer. But, lightness comes expensive. Carbon fiber soles are the​ lightest soles on the​ market - carbon fiber is​ more expensive to​ produce than injection-molded plastic, or​ plastic and​ fiberglass.

However, the​ average rider should be able to​ get a​ pair of​ mountain biking shoes for​ less than a​ hundred dollars.
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