Why Is Sydney The Best Tourist Attraction

Sydney,​ Australia is​ one of​ the​ world’s best travel destinations. it​ is​ home to​ some of​ the​ finest restaurants,​ wineries,​ and beaches. a​ trip to​ Sydney would not be complete without seeing the​ fabulous Sydney Harbor showcasing the​ famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Sydney is​ known for having the​ friendliest people,​ so you’ll feel right at​ home. Perhaps that is​ why Sydney has been voted the​ best city in​ the​ world for visitors six consecutive years.

Hunter Valley Wineries
Australia’s oldest,​ most visited wine region is​ an​ easy two-hour drive from Sydney. There are about 120 wineries to​ visit. Part of​ the​ fun is​ discovering an​ excellent wine that you can't buy just anywhere. There's nothing like tasting a​ wine on​ the​ site where the​ wine was made and with the​ person who made it.

The Hunter Valley is​ also well known for its gourmet restaurants,​ all of​ which make good use of​ the​ local produce. Hunter Valley beef,​ duck,​ cheeses,​ olives,​ stone fruits and honey are all found in​ the​ area. There are also lots of​ things to​ do,​ from touring wine cellars to​ relaxing in​ luxurious day spas.

Sydney Harbor
Sydney sits on​ one of​ the​ most beautiful harbors in​ the​ world. the​ harbor provides the​ perfect backdrop for sailing,​ swimming,​ fishing,​ jetboating,​ dining,​ and harbor tours by ferry or​ seaplane. Climbing the​ Harbor Bridge is​ also a​ favorite for tourists,​ which takes you from the​ base to​ the​ summit of​ the​ famous bridge’s arch.

If you’re looking for a​ more leisurely tour of​ Sydney,​ a​ Harbor cruise is​ the​ perfect scenic adventure. Short Harbor cruises will allow you to​ do some sightseeing for an​ hour or​ so. the​ sunset dinner cruises offer a​ romantic dinner for two while listening to​ the​ world’s most popular arias from the​ Opera House.

Regardless of​ how you choose to​ see the​ sights,​ Sydney Harbor offers exciting adventures,​ relaxing tours,​ and one of​ the​ most beautiful places on​ Earth.

Opera House
The Opera House nestled in​ Sydney Harbor is​ an​ architectural wonder! You can take a​ walking tour of​ the​ famous theater with a​ knowledgeable guide,​ or​ attend one of​ the​ many performances held at​ Sydney’s Opera House. They even offer a​ backstage tour of​ the​ Opera House so you can stand on​ stage and meet the​ performers,​ stars,​ and staff.

Sydney Accommodations
When staying in​ Sydney,​ you’ll find fantastic accommodations. Two of​ my favorites are the​ North Sydney Harbourview Hotel and Four Points by Sheraton Darling Harbour.

The Harbourview Hotel has spectacular views of​ the​ Sydney Harbor Bridge and the​ city’s skyline. Known for its uncompromising service,​ the​ Harbourview is​ close to​ tourist attractions like the​ Taronga Zoo and the​ Bridge Climb.

The Sheraton’s Four Points overlooks the​ Darling Harbour and is​ minutes from all the​ best tourist attractions in​ Sydney. You’ll be right in​ the​ thick of​ the​ entertainment and dining center of​ Sydney. Don’t forget to​ stop in​ the​ hotel’s restaurant for an​ elegant seafood buffet. You won’t want to​ miss it.

Sydney Beaches
With over 240 days of​ sun and clear blue skies,​ you cannot leave Sydney without visiting one of​ the​ sprawling sandy beaches. the​ coast line of​ New South Wales has miles of​ unspoiled beaches perfect for swimming,​ surfing,​ coastal walks and scenic drives. Some of​ the​ most popular Sydney beaches include Byron Bay,​ Coffs Coast,​ Bondi,​ Ballina,​ Port Macquarie and Crescent Head.

No matter which activities interest you,​ there will be endless fun and adventurous things to​ see in​ Sydney Australia. if​ you’re planning on​ visiting Sydney,​ make sure to​ plan enough time to​ see all the​ culture and history this city has to​ offer.
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