Who Needs A Custom Built Road Bike

Biking is​ such a​ popular sport and​ there are many wide varieties of​ bikes on the​ market, in​ a​ varied pricing range. But for​ those serious athletes, the​ custom-built bike might be the​ way to​ go.

Ever heard of​ Randonneuring? Sounds French, doesn't it? Well, the​ sport originated in​ France, but is​ becoming more and​ more popular in​ the​ United States.

Randonneuring is​ "long-distance unsupported endurance cycling." You may have heard of​ it​ as​ "Ultra Long Distance Cycling."

The joy of​ this sport is​ that it​ is​ non-competitive. Riders indulge in​ friendly camraderie, not trying to​ drive each other into the​ ground. and​ because the​ rides are "unsupported" - the​ idea is​ to​ be self sufficient.

There are many events held for​ Randonneur riding, but the​ names of​ winners are not posted. Rather, the​ names of​ the​ riders who have finished the​ course are posted in​ alphabetical order. It's not about beating anyone, it's about challenging yourself.

These events consist of​ rides of​ 200, 300, 400, 600, and​ 1000 KM for​ individual riders. Each of​ these distances is​ called a​ "brevet." There are probably events being held in​ your area, even if​ you've never heard of​ them before. Search the​ web under "randoneuring" or​ "ultra long distance cycling" and​ you'll find any local clubs.

Now, it's when road riders want to​ participate in​ racers and​ ultra long distance cycling that they'll want a​ custom-built road bike rather than one purchased just off the​ rack.

It's not that bikes purchased just off the​ rack aren't perfectly serviceable for​ most riders, but serious athletes - professionals, and​ those just below the​ professoinal level - will certainly want a​ custom-built bike - one that is​ precisely fitted to​ their body. (Customized bikes, and​ custom-built bikes, are two different things. Customized bikes swap out various pieces for​ better fitting pieces, whereas custom-built bikes are built to​ certain specifications from the​ ground up.)

Triathletes are another group of​ people who need custom-built bikes. in​ a​ triathlon, the​ participants have to​ swim, cycle and​ then run for​ certain distances. It's an​ incredibly grueling sport and​ so the​ cycle has to​ be the​ lightest, the​ most sturdiest, and​ the​ best fitted piece of​ equipment they have.

Many bike companies offer customized road bikes, and​ while they are expensive, they're not as​ expensive as​ they used to​ be because with new technology always comes lower prices. It's possible to​ purchase your customized bike from a​ local dealer, but for​ a​ custom-built bike, most likely you'll have to​ go online.

Companies that offer custom-builds include Guru, Waterford, and​ Titus. Do a​ search on the​ web to​ find them, and​ they'll tell you all the​ information you need to​ know to​ get a​ custom-built bike.
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