Which Birdie Has Your Husband Got His Eye On On The GOLF COURSE

Why is​ it​ that women/wives etc intend not to​ take much interest in​ their spouse's past time of​ playing golf. How many ladies have sat back and denied themselves a​ game due to​ the​ fact that they feel that this game is​ not for them?

Don't knock it​ till you​ try it​ there are great many women who enjoy swinging a​ golf stick on​ the​ green but sadly the​ female species consider retirement age is​ the​ best time to​ take up this sport. How wrong they are.

This is​ a​ game that provides the​ young and old with a​ mixture of​ emotions,​ happiness/contentment/peace/tranquillity and at​ the​ same time a​ guaranteed feeling of​ satisfaction.
Men and women who love the​ game to​ an​ extent where they reach a​ certain level love the​ fact that they are now in​ a​ position to​ qualify and play in​ tournaments.

Having confidence on​ the​ green is​ a​ great start for any novice. Learners can become paranoid where they experience a​ bout of​ nerves believing other golfers are there to​ poke fun. Believe me other avid enthusiasts on​ the​ golf course are to​ busy setting there sights on​ a​ hole in​ one and can not afford to​ be distracted by the​ next up and coming Tiger Woods or​ Mrs Woods

Women starting out will benefit by visiting the​ local driving range to​ brush up hitting the​ ball. Why you​ ask? Simple,​ it​ is​ not as​ easy as​ it​ looks therefore adding more fun to​ the​ game for beginners.
This Sport is​ enjoyed by millions worldwide so why not add you're self to​ the​ list. the​ next time your husband/partner invites you​ to​ join him in​ a​ game/round of​ golf go for it.

Ladies ever felt something is​ missing in​ your life,​ do you​ have regrets of​ never snatching opportunities that passed you​ by. Ever had the​ feeling what your life was all about.
Well let me tell you​ life is​ about fulfilment and achievement. Depending on​ the​ individual the​ answer to​ your wish list of​ finding happiness may well just lie on​ a​ golf course.

Terms used in​ a​ game of​ golf relate to​ the​ names of​ our feathered friends Like Birdie an​ Eagle. Well let us kill two birds with one stone. Number one you​ get to​ play golf and secondly the​ most important is​ the​ quality time you​ get to​ spend with your spouse/partner.

And fingers crossed that the​ husband can keep his concentration on​ the​ birds that give him points not the​ chick he would most love to​ score with.
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