Where To Place The Bird Bath

When it​ comes to​ providing a​ place for birds in​ your area to​ splash,​ bathe,​ play,​ and drink,​ a​ bird bath can please both the​ feathered and human inhabitants of​ the​ property. Bird baths serve as​ a​ huge draw to​ entice birds of​ all types to​ your yard,​ and in​ turn,​ the​ birds receive a​ necessary place to​ refresh themselves on​ hot summer days or​ chilly winter nights. Before you​ purchase a​ bird bath,​ first consider where you​ will place the​ bird bath in​ your yard or​ garden to​ ensure the​ specific style you​ wish will fit the​ outdoor space.

You have countless options when it​ comes to​ where to​ place a​ bird bath,​ but the​ most popular places include:

• Decks or​ Porches: if​ you​ do not have a​ great deal of​ space in​ your yard,​ or​ do not have a​ yard at​ all,​ consider purchasing a​ bird bath that affixes to​ the​ railings on​ a​ deck of​ porch. in​ addition to​ having the​ bird bath close to​ reach for refilling,​ installing a​ bird bath on​ your deck or​ porch will allow you​ to​ enjoy the​ birds that flock to​ your bath up close and personal.

• Up in​ the​ Trees: What better place to​ put a​ bath for your birds than up in​ the​ trees? Choose a​ hanging bird bath that will suspend in​ your trees so that your birds will not have to​ leave home to​ get a​ drink of​ water or​ take a​ bath. Consider hanging a​ bird bath near a​ window so that you​ can enjoy the​ birds while they splish and splash. However,​ keep in​ mind that bird baths will need to​ be cleaned and refilled,​ so avoid hanging a​ bird bath too far out of​ your reach so that you​ will not be able to​ properly maintain the​ bath.

• in​ Your Garden: if​ space permits,​ consider creating a​ sanctuary for the​ birds in​ your area. Use stylish bird baths to​ add style and flair to​ your yard or​ garden. Since running water is​ popular with birds,​ often enticing them to​ visit your bird bath over a​ neighbor’s bird bath,​ use a​ fountain bird bath to​ add a​ special touch. in​ addition to​ enticing the​ birds in​ your area,​ the​ tranquil sound of​ running water will allow you​ to​ enjoy your outdoor space and relax in​ your garden.

• Under the​ Trees: Since many birds seek the​ shelter of​ bird baths to​ escape from summer’s oppressive heat,​ placing a​ bird bath under the​ shade of​ trees in​ your yard will further entice birds to​ your area. However,​ keep in​ mind that the​ leaves and other debris from the​ trees can cause the​ bird bath to​ become dirty quicker so that it​ requires cleaning more frequently. Also,​ the​ blocked view from the​ trees may not allow you​ to​ see the​ birds that visit your yard and enjoy the​ bird bath. Generally,​ individuals choose to​ place bird baths in​ open places to​ prevent hassles associated with frequent cleanings.

• Near Your Home: Watching birds frolic will allow you​ to​ relax and unwind in​ your own home. Place your bird bath near a​ window that will allow you​ to​ oversee your feathered friends. Great places to​ watch birds include the​ kitchen,​ living room,​ bed room,​ or​ home office. Imagine taking a​ break from work to​ enjoy watching the​ birds or​ watching the​ flock while washing dishes in​ your kitchen.

Wherever you​ decide to​ place your bird bath in​ your yard or​ garden,​ remember the​ reason: to​ entice birds to​ your yard. Furthermore,​ consider the​ great variety of​ styles and sizes that will allow you​ to​ find a​ bath that matches your personal tastes.
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