Where To Find The Best Bookbinding Materials

Whether you’ve just started your first book binding project,​ or​ have a​ few under your belt already,​ chances are you’re always looking for new places to​ find the​ best book binding materials to​ make your projects unique and durable. Here are a​ few places you may want to​ look,​ no matter what your budget.

Your local craft supply store is​ a​ great place to​ look for book binding materials,​ since you’ll have find ways to​ creatively decorate your book covers as​ well. And,​ after you’ve done the​ foundational work of​ making sure that your book is​ sturdy and durable,​ you can use some of​ the​ materials that you’ll find in​ a​ craft store to​ add finishing touches to​ the​ book that only you can create. You can find the​ cords/rope that you’ll need to​ actually bind the​ books at​ a​ craft store,​ and you may even find leather binding materials to​ give your book a​ professional look and feel.

Checking out your local bookstore is​ also a​ great idea when you’re searching for book binding materials. You can pick up books that will give you instructions on​ how to​ bind books of​ any size,​ and if​ you purchase the​ book,​ you can always refer back to​ it​ when you want to​ start working on​ a​ new book binding project. Book titles you may want to​ look for include Bookbinding: a​ Beginner’s Manual ( by John Ashman),​ the​ Craft of​ Bookbinding (by Manly Banister),​ and Bookbinding and the​ Care of​ Books (by Douglas Cockrell). These books and books with similar titles can also be found at​ your local library.

You can also check out your local print shops or​ copy supply stores to​ find book binding materials that you can use. Office supply stores are great for finding ideas on​ how to​ bind smaller books,​ and you may even be able to​ get certain supplies at​ a​ discount if​ you buy in​ bulk. Checking with publishing companies in​ your area is​ also a​ great idea,​ because you’ll be able to​ get tips on​ how to​ bind your books,​ and how to​ use the​ most affordable materials to​ do it.

Of course,​ there are plenty of​ places online to​ find bookbinding materials,​ but it’s best to​ know where to​ look for the​ materials that will make your books the​ best they can possibly be. in​ addition to​ the​ right binding materials,​ you’ll also need binding needles,​ which are usually between $7-$13,​ and can be found at​ some craft stores,​ or​ at​ sites like www.artistsupplies.com. the​ Web can also give you lots of​ useful information on​ how to​ authentically bind your books to​ give them a​ Renaissance or​ Gothic look,​ as​ well as​ ways to​ make your books last longer,​ even when you bind them yourself. Once you find how which resources work best for you when it​ comes to​ bookbinding,​ you’ll definitely want to​ use your talent for more books in​ your home (i.e. photo albums,​ journals),​ and you may even begin to​ give your bound books as​ gifts to​ friends. Good luck!
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