Where Are The Greatest Risk Area For Bird Flu

Where Are the​ Greatest Risk Area For Bird Flu?
With Bird Flu in​ the​ news,​ people are wondering where it​ may be safe to​ avoid this deadly virus. ​
While the​ answer to​ this question may be very simple now,​ in​ a​ few weeks or​ months,​ it​ may be a​ different story.
The first outbreak of​ the​ deadly strain of​ bird flu in​ humans was in​ Hong Kong in​ 1997. ​
a​ major outbreak then occurred in​ January of​ 2004 in​ Vietnam and​ Thailand that resulted in​ the​ virus popping up in​ most of​ Asia,​ Europe,​ and​ the​ Middle East. ​
Recently,​ a​ low pathogenic form of​ H5N1,​ the​ dangerous form of​ bird flu,​ surfaced in​ Canada. ​
From this,​ it​ may be assumed that southern parts of​ North America,​ South America,​ and​ other countries distanced from Asia are safe. ​
However,​ with the​ track record of​ this virus,​ that may not be the​ case.
Without a​ doubt,​ the​ area of​ greatest risk for Bird Flu currently is​ Vietnam,​ where the​ largest number of​ infections and​ death has occurred. ​
Any area in​ Asia with a​ large poultry population,​ from farming or​ agriculture,​ is​ at ​ risk,​ as​ consuming infected meat has been a​ primary cause of​ becoming infected. ​
On the​ same note,​ many countries in​ Asia,​ Europe,​ and​ recently the​ Middle East,​ should be concerned with the​ possibility of​ ingested infected poultry. ​
as​ migratory birds may also carry the​ disease,​ it​ may be extend over widespread areas as​ well as​ from agricultural sources.
Likewise,​ considering the​ rapid spread of​ bird flu,​ the​ case in​ Canada should be of​ concern for residents of​ North America as​ well; in​ less than two years,​ Asia and​ Europe were consumed with the​ disease. ​
Although the​ case in​ Canada was a​ low pathogenic form of​ H5N1,​ meaning it​ is​ less dangerous,​ the​ fact that it​ made its way to​ the​ continent should not be taken lightly and​ the​ possibility of​ the​ virus spreading south is​ a​ very serious threat.
As long as​ bird flu is​ being transmitted from poultry to​ humans,​ and​ not from human to​ human contact,​ the​ areas of​ concern will surround large poultry populations,​ from wild or​ agricultural birds. ​
However,​ if ​ the​ strain mutates and​ is​ passed from human to​ human,​ the​ risk area will grow rapidly and​ be concentrated in​ places with high or​ dense populations. ​
Likewise,​ areas of​ particular concern will be those with limited medical care. ​
Areas with advanced medicine that may be able to​ produce a​ vaccine may not be as​ devastated by the​ mutated strain of​ the​ virus.
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