Whats It Like Being You Book Review

What’s it​ Like Being You? – Living Life as​ Your True Self is​ co-written by John Roger and Paul Kaye,​ who have collaborated previously on​ another book. Both of​ these authors are successful and sought-after lecturers,​ educators and best-selling authors in​ the​ self-help and spirituality genres.

This 184-page non-fiction book is​ jammed packed with helpful commentary that readers can use in​ their own lives to​ change their attitude towards themselves. By doing this,​ we​ can learn more about our purpose in​ life,​ attain more energy and a​ positive outlook in​ every moment of​ every day.

The heavy,​ durable cover is​ designed with large inner flaps that can easily serve as​ bookmarks. to​ help readers through the​ ongoing challenges to​ attain peace within themselves and in​ their lives,​ the​ authors have provided us with an​ inspirational meditation CD of​ just over 45 minutes in​ length.

In all,​ I felt a​ kin-ship with many parts of​ What’s it​ Like Being You? . in​ fact,​ it​ was like the​ authors had read my book of​ poetry (Towards Understanding) and translated it​ for me. I was able to​ see the​ journey I have been on​ from a​ different angle and I found this comforting.

Certainly,​ this book has provided helpful advice that will aide me in​ tuning out the​ noise and stresses of​ the​ world and focus on​ what this life – each moment of​ every day – brings forth.

ISBN#: 1-89020-25-8
Authors: John Roger and Paul Kaye
Publisher: Mandeville Press
Published: Nov. 2004
Whats It Like Being You Book Review Whats It Like Being You Book Review Reviewed by Henda Yesti on January 30, 2018 Rating: 5

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