Whats The Best Way To Book Your Hotel In Thailand

Let’s look at​ the​ available options:

Online with your airline reservation
Online form directly with the​ hotel
Phone call or​ email to​ the​ hotel
Your local travel agent
Online form with an​ in-country booking agent

If you book your flight online with a​ company like Expedia or​ Travelocity,​ you will be given the​ option to​ add a​ hotel to​ your airfare. the​ prices are usually outrageous and the​ hotels listed are at​ the​ very high end.

Booking directly from the​ hotel online is​ a​ good option if​ the​ hotel has an​ online booking form and it​ is​ secure. Check for the​ little lock at​ the​ bottom of​ your Internet browser.

Phone calls to​ overseas locations can be expensive and there is​ no guarantee of​ an​ English-speaking receptionist. Even if​ you make the​ booking over the​ phone,​ there is​ no guarantee in​ writing that your room will be waiting for you.

Booking via email can be dangerous if​ the​ hotel requires credit card information since your email is​ not secure.

Your local travel agent may or​ may not know the​ current situation or​ prices in​ Thailand. Hotels in​ Thailand have different rates during different times of​ the​ year. Prices are greatly reduced during low season and can be much more expensive during high season. There may also be additional fees during Christmas and New Years. Your local agent may not know all of​ these details.

Booking through an​ online agent actually located in​ Thailand is​ your best bet. They will have access to​ many more hotels in​ all price ranges and all locations. They will also be privy to​ specials and promotions that may not be published outside the​ country. Also,​ they will speak both Thai and English,​ have a​ secure server for orders,​ and respond promptly to​ your enquiries. Their web sites will also publish reviews of​ the​ hotels.

Do your homework,​ check the​ prices directly at​ the​ hotel’s web site,​ and then visit one of​ the​ many in-country online hotel-booking sites. Ensure that the​ site is​ secure,​ find a​ hotel in​ your price range and vacation spot,​ and book your room the​ easy and safe way.
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