What You Should Know About Blogging

What you should know about Blogging
Are you aware of​ the​ new way to​ keep your friends updated of​ the​ things happening in​ your life? This is​ a​ revolutionary way in​ the​ internet that can let you keep a​ personal diary that can be viewed by many people .​
This is​ called the​ weblog or​ more popularly known as​ the​ blog or​ blogging .​
A blog is​ like a​ journal where you can write or​ post your daily activities on a​ regular basis .​
The term blog is​ the​ short term for​ web log .​
Blogging is​ the​ act of​ adding, writing and​ maintaining a​ blog .​
There are several types of​ blogs .​
These are the​ following:
• Personal blog – this is​ the​ most famous type of​ blog used in​ some of​ the​ friendly hub in​ the​ net .​
This is​ defined as​ the​ online diary or​ journal, where you can post your poem and​ other literature piece.
• Cultural blog – it​ discusses all about music, arts, theater and​ other popular culture.
• Topic blog – it​ focuses on the​ function like some of​ the​ search engines present now .​
Some writers who want to​ write about something unknown can use it.
• Business blog – this talk about the​ stock market and​ other business related topics .​
It is​ also use to​ promote businesses, to​ talk about economics in​ forum type and​ manage information .​
• Science blog – it​ is​ the​ mode used to​ disseminate information and​ data .​
However, scientists only use this mode for​ simple scientific data and​ information because they believe that it​ could damage the​ credibility of​ their science as​ many people can read it .​
• Moblog – it​ contains all the​ information from a​ mobile phone.
• Collaborative blog – this kind of​ blog is​ written by two or​ more writers .​
Particular site is​ open for​ all the​ writers to​ write together with others .​
• Eclectic blog – it​ focuses on niches individually or​ collaboratively made.
• Educational blog – this is​ used by students to​ record the​ things they learned from their teacher including the​ activities done in​ a​ day.
• Directory blog – this blog gives a​ regular update of​ all the​ visited links .​
It focuses on particular news and​ happenings .​
• Forum blog – it​ functions as​ an​ internet forum .​
It allows two or​ more bloggers to​ post discussion on the​ net .​
• Spam blog – this is​ a​ form of​ persuasive advertising .​
Commonly known for​ the​ name splogs .​
It is​ characterized by the​ use of​ bold letters and​ self-claim advertisements .​
There are many web-based blog journals available online .​
You can post your own blog, too .​
Anyone can start writing a​ blog .​
In many cases, it​ is​ free .​
How do you start making a​ blog?
Here is​ how, follow the​ following steps in​ writing a​ blog.
1. There are many blog sites available online that offers free blog posting .​
They also offer free accounts with many features.
2. You can blog in​ private and​ in​ public .​
Many blog site offer a​ blog that contains a​ password, only a​ few can read your blog .​
You can also post a​ blog that can be read by anyone .​
3. You will be given an​ option to​ choose the​ scheme of​ your blog site .​
You can edit your own color, layouts and​ schemes according to​ your taste and​ personality.
4. You can write your own blog and​ post it​ afterwards.
5. Many offer more schemes for​ you to​ personalize your own blog site .​
You can even post a​ picture and​ testimonials from friends like most of​ the​ friendly hub do today.
6. By sending the​ URL to​ your friends, you can now publish your own blog .​
You should keep your writings interesting as​ it​ can be .​
Do not focus on topics that readers do not find interesting .​
Remember to​ post only writings that are not offensive so readers will become more interested in​ your writings .​
You should also check your spellings and​ other relevant mistakes that can ruin your credibility as​ a​ writer .​
Use words that can be easily understood by readers .​
Proofread your writings before posting .​
Never copy others blog, you can be issued a​ case called plagiarism .​
With this, you are able to​ let the​ people know about what you want to​ speak .​
Information will be easier to​ deliver this time .​
Visit some blog sites and​ start writing your emotions.
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