What Style Of Biker Are You

From touring to​ off-road riding to​ track riding to​ cyclo-riding to​ recreational biking—there are almost as​ many different styles of​ riding as​ there are bikes. the​ following is​ a​ discussion of​ three of​ the​ most popular styles of​ biking today.

Street/Urban Riding

Street/Urban riding is​ when you bike through urban areas, ride on ledges and​ other man-made obstacles. Some riders execute tricks as​ well as​ stalls and​ grinds. Hybrid bikes, sometimes called city bikes, are typically used for​ street/urban riding. Hybrid bikes are a​ cross between a​ mountain bike and​ a​ road bike. Most have front suspension with wide comfortable seats and​ upright handlebars.

Free Riding

The essence of​ free riding has it​ origins on the​ shores of​ British Columbia. as​ some free riders have explained it, free riding is​ more than just riding, it’s about riding with your friends and​ doing things on your bike that push the​ limits of​ both yourself and​ your bike. It’s not about being the​ fastest or​ coming up with a​ new trick. Rather, it’s about being totally free on your bike. Free riding is​ different for​ everyone. Essentially, when you ride for​ pure enjoyment, do your own thing, in​ your own way, that’s free riding--making it​ more of​ a​ mindset than a​ structured style of​ riding. for​ example, you could free ride downhill, cross-country or​ down the​ boardwalk in​ Ocean City, Maryland.

Many free ride bikes closely resemble downhill bikes and​ weigh as​ much, although they are usually designed to​ be easier to​ pedal. Free ride bikes should be in​ the​ 30 to​ upper 50 pound range, have a​ steeper angled frame in​ order to​ make maneuvering on narrow obstacles possible, and​ be built from stronger, heavier materials.

Downhill Mountain Biking

If you think downhill biking is​ all about kicking back, stretching your arms and​ cruising at​ a​ leisurely pace, think again. Even though it’s all downhill, biking down a​ mountain demands concentration, quick reflexes and​ bike-handling skills much different than free riding or​ city riding. It’s also a​ blast! Downhill mountain biking races involve race courses that are designed for​ riders to​ speed down while navigating huge jumps, obstacles and​ more. It’s very similar to​ motor cross racing.

While it’s true that all bikes go downhill, bikes that provide the​ optimum ride for​ Downhill Mountain Biking have what is​ called full suspension. This means that the​ front and​ rear of​ the​ frame are equipped with shock absorbers.
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