What Not To Do In Blogging

What Not to​ Do in​ Blogging
Blogging has bridged all the​ impossibilities over the​ river of​ whys and​ proved the​ whole world of​ what it​ can do .​
Almost all people regardless of​ age, work and​ gender use blog, be it​ for​ personal usage or​ for​ business .​
In so many ways, blog made peoples lives convenient .​
Businesses alike moved a​ little further .​
People got more aware .​
All in​ all, blog is​ another great leap for​ mankind.
Blog is​ a​ personal mini website that lets people to​ organize digitally .​
No need for​ you to​ bring an​ organizer, blog can do that for​ you .​
By a​ blog, you can house enormous information .​
You can as​ well save notes, recipes, important documents, etc.
Having your own blog is​ like driving your own car .​
You must choose whether what type and​ color of​ car that can attract people .​
You also must think of​ a​ beautiful internal furnishes that are visibly attractive to​ others .​
Blog no less than a​ personal but intended to​ be viewed by many .​
Like a​ car, owned by one person but intended to​ carry many passengers to​ different places .​
Your blog determines who you are, just like cars determine the​ personality of​ the​ driver .​
In short, blog is​ a​ part of​ your life.
Acquiring a​ blog will cost you big responsibility .​
It is​ not a​ one time experience that is​ made only to​ reside in​ the​ memory .​
It is​ a​ daily thing to​ remember and​ to​ check .​
For those personal bloggers here are some no-nos in​ blogging:
· The very first thing that comes to​ your mind when acquiring a​ blog is​ that, your blog will be open for​ public for​ viewing .​
Because of​ that, you must be aware of​ the​ details in​ your blog that might provoke your audience .​
You must take for​ consideration the​ layout or​ the​ appearance of​ your blog .​
Remember that freedom of​ expression is​ not absolute; it​ must be strongly supported by respect.
· The contents of​ your blog are very essential .​
It will determine as​ to​ whether the​ people will continue to​ view your blog or​ will just leave undone .​
Words that are not good to​ here have no place in​ your blog .​
It will just create if​ not chaos to​ you or​ you might hurt your reader.
· You must always consider what audience you intend your blog to​ be viewed by .​
You must not also forget that the​ internet cannot filter users.
To those who are planning to​ use blog in​ business, take the​ following as​ pointers:
· The first three points above apply to​ you.
· Remember that the​ customer is​ your priority .​
Do not in​ any way offend your customer by unpleasant words from your articles.
· Do not use unfamiliar words to​ your articles .​
Be sure that whatever you put in​ your blog can easily be understood.
· Never presuppose that your customer knows all about you and​ your business .​
Approach them by means of​ articles that are detailed.
In general:
· Do not over design your blogs .​
Simple blogs will never be considered ugly .​
The color that youj will be using is​ a​ determinant of​ what your blog is​ all about .​
Do not hesitate to​ refer yourself to​ sources for​ good layout and​ other matters needed for​ your blog.
· Keep your font readable .​
Anyway, the​ articles you post in​ your blog are meant to​ be read.
· Do not let your blog stay for​ days not updated .​
If you want to​ expect more readers, your blogs must always be updated.
· Do not hate variations .​
Every now and​ then you can change the​ appearance of​ your blog .​
This will help your reader look for​ forward for​ the​ next to​ come.
· Put a​ place for​ feedbacks .​
Do not depend on your own insight on how to​ make your blog appear beautiful .​
You reader knows best .​
Their reaction and​ suggestions will surely help you in​ making your blog attractive to​ your readers.
All these are things that must be considered in​ blogging .​
There are no other intensive things to​ be remembered when just starting to​ blog since all instruction is​ given on the​ spot .​
Blogging is​ not difficult to​ do .​
Guaranteed that blogging is​ easier than HTML .​
Last word, planning is​ important .​
Think before you proceed with blogging.
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