What Model Of Dirt Bike Should You Buy

The selection of​ a​ dirt bike is​ never a​ simple activity but here are some all-important aspects that will help you pick the​ right bike:

Height and​ weight: Your height as​ well as​ weight plays a​ large role in​ dirt bike selection. the​ most critical thing is​ that one needs to​ feel comfortable on your bike to​ be able to​ drive it​ across difficult or​ dirt terrain. the​ more comfortable you are the​ better your control on the​ bike. the​ important thing is​ that you should sit on each of​ the​ bikes and​ see if​ your feet can touch the​ ground or​ not. if​ your feet are touching the​ ground then it​ means that you will be able to​ hold the​ bike up on both wheels and​ will also be able to​ start and​ stop it​ safely.

Here is​ something for​ you to​ consider: the​ top women drivers in​ the​ motocross circuit are less than 5 feet 4 inches tall and​ they race 250F and​ 450F bikes. We are talking about motorcycles that are larger than the​ motocross bikes. Now did you get a​ boost of​ confidence? Good! Your weight is​ another important issue. So what you really need to​ do is​ lay down your bike on the​ ground first and​ then try to​ pick it​ up alone. if​ you are able to​ do it​ for​ a​ particular bike then that’s the​ bike you should consider buying.

4-stroke or​ 2-stroke: There is​ quite a​ lot of​ difference between a​ 4-stroke and​ a​ 2-stroke bike and​ most of​ the​ difference lies in​ the​ way the​ engine of​ both the​ bikes work. a​ four-stroke bike will deliver smooth power whereas a​ 2-stroke bike will deliver power in​ an​ abrupt manner. This basically means that 2-stroke bikes are harder to​ control. if​ you compare cc to​ cc and​ the​ displacement of​ the​ motor then the​ 2-stroke bike will have more power than the​ 4-stroke. Both the​ 2-stroke and​ 4-stroke bikes don’t need much maintenance. if​ you buy a​ 2-stroke bike then you will need to​ take care of​ pre-mix gas, which is​ basically adding oil to​ gas while maintaining a​ specific ratio. 4-stroke bikes can easily run on the​ regular gas but you will need to​ ensure that the​ engine oil is​ changed more often and​ also the​ oil filter will have to​ be changed on a​ regular basis.

Type of​ track: a​ lot depends on the​ type of​ track you are going to​ ride on. of​ course dirt bike as​ the​ name sounds is​ supposed to​ run on any dirt track but it​ is​ not always the​ case. There are all kinds of​ tracks and​ some tracks can be handled well by 4-stroke bikes while some are handled better by 2-stroke bikes. if​ you are thinking of​ riding tracks or​ motocross then you should ideally look at​ the​ 250F race bikes (4-stroke) or​ even the​ 125cc (2-stroke). You will need a​ bike that is​ lighter and​ has a​ better suspension to​ enable jumping.

Here are some popular dirt bike models:

4-stroke dirt bikes:
* Kawasaki KLX125, KDX200
* Honda CRF150, CRF230, CRF250X
* Yamaha TTR 125, TTR230, TTR250, WR250
* Suzuki DRZ125 and​ DRZ250.
* KTM 200 XC
* Kawasaki KXF250
* Honda CRF250R
* Yamaha YZ250F
* Suzuki RMZ250
* KTM 250SX F

2-stroke dirt bikes:
* Yamaha YZ80 and​ YZ125
* Kawasaki KX80 and​ KX125
* Honda CR80R and​ CR125R
* KTM SX125
* Suzuki RM80 and​ RM125

If you are looking for​ a​ non-branded dirt bike then there are plenty in​ the​ market like the​ SS50QGY and​ the​ GAS181 frame bikes.
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