What Makes Sorrento Music Boxes Special

What Makes Sorrento Music Boxes Special
Sorrento is​ a​ small town in​ Campania,​ Italy,​ with some 16,​500 inhabitants .​
It is​ a​ popular tourist destination .​
What made this small city so popular? Well,​ besides the​ production of​ Limoncello (an alcoholic digestive made from lemon rinds,​ alcohol,​ water and sugar),​ it​ is​ the​ wood craftsmanship that made this region world famous .​
Their highly skilled artisans in​ wood craftsmanship bring out the​ beauty of​ music boxes.
Why are the​ musical boxes made here special? the​ difference is​ in​ the​ wood and the​ way it​ is​ worked .​
The art of​ handmade inlaid woodwork is​ an​ old and noble Italian tradition,​ typical of​ Southern Italy (and especially Sorrento) and can only be performed by the​ skilled and highly trained artisans whose craft is​ handed down from generation to​ generation .​
This is​ an​ old,​ very delicate and difficult art .​
They build these wonderful music boxes with a​ decorative composition obtained by cutting,​ inserting and assembling several colored pieces of​ wood to​ create a​ special design or​ picture .​
Next,​ these tiny wood pieces are put onto a​ surface to​ create a​ design,​ which is​ most of​ the​ times level with the​ surface of​ the​ music box.
Each original item of​ these musical boxes is​ specially handcrafted in​ Sorrento,​ Italy by the​ most skilled artisans .​
The fine wood craftsmen of​ Sorrento were trained by their forefathers and complimented by the​ masterful art of​ the​ most important and famous painters .​
And the​ result? Just visit a​ specialized music box store and see for yourself .​
Such an​ artistic creation is​ unparalleled in​ our modern times and it​ will definitely have an​ emotional impact upon any purchaser .​
Solid maple,​ burl elm or​ rosewood are few of​ the​ materials used to​ create the​ boxes in​ which the​ inlaid pieces are applied .​
Each of​ the​ Sorrento music boxes is​ carefully honed and varnished,​ the​ inside all lined with plush velvet and the​ hardware made in​ an​ attractive golden metal .​
The quality levels are measured by several important factors: refinement of​ the​ design,​ delicacy of​ the​ hand work,​ choice of​ woods and the​ execution of​ the​ final stages of​ the​ work: gluing,​ dressing and refinements.
The prices for such exquisite items vary,​ from $90 on​ simple,​ yet elegant Sorrento inlaid box with an​ 18 note comb to​ almost $90,​000 for 144 note comb,​ five cylinders,​ work of​ art adorned with an​ inlay of​ 18 different precious woods .​
If you have the​ money for it,​ don’t hesitate to​ purchase such an​ item .​
Each particular piece is​ a​ unique work of​ art and its value is​ proportional to​ the​ quality level obtained .​
Many of​ the​ larger pieces will become family heirlooms that are sure to​ be treasured generation after generation.
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