What Is Tarot Astrology

Tarot astrology is​ the​ system through which a​ reading of​ the​ cards in​ a​ tarot deck help you​ through troubled times by offering a​ reflection on​ your past, present and​ future. Tarot is​ closely associated with astrology as​ each card relates to​ a​ planet, element, or​ astrological sign.

Tarot cards are used for​ divination, often known as​ fortune telling. But, many psychologists have used them as​ well, feeling that the​ cards often make patients delve in​ to​ how they feel about themselves. This is​ done through the​ subconscious. for​ example, let’s say you​ know work is​ not going well, but you​ do not allow yourself to​ think about it. Getting a​ tarot card reading that shows you​ need to​ change occupations is​ not really telling your future so much as​ it​ is​ making you​ face what is​ really going on​ in​ your life.

A tarot card deck consists of​ 78 cards that fall into two distinctive parts. the​ first part is​ called the​ Major Arcana. This part of​ the​ deck has 22 cards, 21 suitless cards referred to​ as​ trumps and​ one card called the​ Fool. it​ is​ believed that these cards represent different stages of​ life that we go through. Many are recognizable such as​ the​ Magician associated with the​ planet Mercury, the​ Lovers associated with the​ astrological sign Gemini, and​ the​ Death card associated with Scorpio.

The other 56 cards are in​ the​ Minor Arcana. Arcana is​ taken from the​ Latin
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