What Do Birds Like Eating

What do birds like eating? Here we came to​ my favorite topic : I am a​ great glutton that is​ why I try to​ please my birds .

The main parrot food is​ millet. it​ is​ sold in​ every ”bird” shop . There should always be enough millet into the​ bird cage ,​ birds know themselves how much to​ eat . They also enjoy oats very much but only oats ( unpeeled ,​ absolutely natural ) which I haven't seen anywhere in​ shops : – ((. it​ is​ found only as​ an​ addition in​ combined foods . as​ a​ compromise variant oat kernels can be given .

They also enjoy sunflower seeds ,​ but not baked of​ course Give sunflower seeds to​ your bird only several times per month because it​ contains lots of​ fats and the​ bird gets stout. Before giving it​ to​ the​ bird it​ is​ good to​ crash it​ slightly (thus they will consume it​ easily) .

They absolutely adore fresh vegetables! They die for cucumbers ,​ lettuce,​ carrots,​ peppers and pepper seeds ( they should not be hot !). They also eat cabbage . Be careful with nitrates ! They are particularly harmful for birds as​ they can even kill them if​ it​ is​ possible prevent buying foods cultivated in​ green – houses.

Other " green food ” that they like very much is​ ordinary fresh and tender grass . I mean ryegrass ,​ clover especially couch – grass or​ something likes ,​ but not that grass ! Something that you​ should never give them is​ parsley ! I don ' t know why ,​ but it​ is​ written so in​ the​ books and I have ' n ' t made experiments what will happen to​ them if​ I feed birds with parsley .

Give them fresh fruit at​ any possibility apples (They like cores because of​ the​ seeds ),​ pears ,​ plums and also pumpkin. I haven't noticed them to​ like citrus fruit .

All fruit and vegetables should be well washed .

Give them hard – boiled egg ( a​ quarter of​ egg per two birds ) at​ least once a​ month. From it​ they supply themselves with proteins and vitamin D.

Don't throw the​ shell away ! Give it​ to​ them finely crushed . it​ provides them with calcium .

Another resource of​ calcium is​ chalk . Birds gnaw it​ with appetite so be sure always to​ provide chalk in​ the​ cage .

Birds like eating bread. it​ doesn't matter what kind it​ is​ . Put a​ piece of​ slightly damped bread between the​ bars and they will tackle it​ so that your appetite will come back to​ you.

There should always be sand in​ the​ bird cage ( that is​ why I told you​ in​ the​ beginning that you​ should buy two vessels for food ). They need the​ sand in​ order to​ assimilate food easier. Food does not go to​ the​ bird's stomach directly. Before that it​ stays for some time into its throat. There due to​ enzymes and the​ sand all grain foods taken get broken to​ pieces,​ get soft and get digested preliminary . the​ sand should be fine ,​ that is​ why you​ must sift it​ well and to​ remove the​ coarse fractions ,​ because they can block the​ bird ' s throat . it​ is​ compulsory to​ wash the​ sand ,​ to​ boil it​ for a​ sort time in​ hot water,​ to​ dry it​ and only then to​ give it​ to​ the​ birds . Sea – sand is​ very appropriate ,​ but it​ must be well – washed from salt !!! Salt is​ not very useful for birds .
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