What Are The Must See Attractions In Orlando

Orlando,​ Florida is​ filled with attractions for vacationers of​ every age group; it​ is​ known for its beaches,​ golf courses,​ night life,​ museums,​ restaurants,​ and theme parks. Three all-time tourist favorites include Disney World,​ Busch Gardens,​ and Universal Studios,​ Florida.

Disney World:

The home of​ Mickey Mouse,​ Goofy,​ and Donald Duck is​ a​ perennial favorite with not just kids for whom it​ offers a​ mind boggling range of​ things to​ see and do. the​ overwhelming extent of​ experiences that Disney World offers ensures that adults too have a​ great time. Accommodation at​ Walt Disney World,​ which has over twenty hotels,​ offers a​ choice to​ suit every wallet. the​ Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge and the​ Disney Contemporary Resort are two of​ the​ most popular resorts with a​ unique theme and excellent service. Vacationers can take advantage of​ the​ various promotional packages offered by Disney World from time to​ time. in​ one visit,​ it​ is​ not possible to​ take in​ all the​ rides and get one’s fill of​ everything that Disney World has to​ offer; however there are some classic rides such as​ Space Mountain,​ Big Thunder Mountain Railroad,​ Peter Pan,​ Primeval Whirl,​ etc. the​ Magic Kingdom,​ which is​ spread over 100 acres,​ can be accessed via the​ Monorail or​ the​ Steamer. it​ has several attractions of​ which the​ chance to​ pose with Disney characters and getting their autographs is​ high on​ the​ wish-list of​ many children. it​ is​ best to​ enjoy Disney World in​ the​ company of​ a​ local acquaintance who can point out the​ major attractions and also the​ early-entry days during which hotel-guests are allowed to​ enter early.

Busch Gardens:

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is​ an​ approximately one-hour drive from Orlando. Many vacationers find its location,​ which is​ away from the​ hustle and bustle of​ Orlando,​ to​ be an​ added attraction. the​ Busch Garden Shuttle Express is​ a​ free service with a​ 5-Park Orlando Flexi Ticket; it’s an​ alternative for those do not wish to​ travel to​ the​ park by road. Busch Gardens offer several exciting attractions that replicate the​ wonders of​ Africa. the​ wildlife includes more than 2,​000 animals and thrilling roller-coaster rides are a​ hit with the​ kids and adults alike. the​ Sky Ride cable car affords an​ excellent view of​ the​ park. Attractions at​ the​ park also include the​ Serengeti Railway that has several stations around the​ park; the​ Haunted Lighthouse,​ which is​ a​ 4D show for kids over seven; KaTonga,​ which is​ a​ 35-minute musical celebrating African fables; the​ tomb of​ King Tut; Serengeti Safari tours; the​ slides and rides at​ the​ Land of​ the​ Dragon,​ and many others. Food at​ the​ Busch Gardens ranges from pizzas and turkey legs at​ Quick Bite and fine dining at​ the​ Crown Colony Restaurant. Preferred parking is​ available alongside the​ main entrance.

Universal Studios Florida:

Universal Studios in​ Orlando is​ the​ largest studio outside Hollywood. This major tourist attraction of​ Hollywood has some very popular rides and experiences that are based on​ hit movies. Terminator 2 is​ a​ high-tech 3D adventure; Back to​ the​ Future is​ a​ simulated ride that has one falling down volcanic tunnels; Twister and Earthquake are other thrill-a-minute shows in​ which an​ individual experiences a​ five-storey volcano and the​ power of​ an​ earthquake. Other attractions at​ Universal include Kong,​ Nickelodeon,​ ET,​ the​ Animal Show,​ etc. the​ main rides and attractions are at​ the​ edges of​ the​ oval-shaped Universal plot,​ which is​ quite huge. Priority parking and valet parking are available,​ these make exiting the​ Universal premises at​ the​ end of​ a​ fun-filled but tiring day a​ little easier.
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