What Are The Factors Which Determine Your Mountain Bike Tires

Your decision to​ buy a​ mountain bike cannot begin or​ end without paying special notice to​ the​ type of​ tires in​ the​ bike. Your choice of​ adventure, whether rough or​ paved, as​ a​ biker can largely help determine the​ type of​ tires you need to​ buy as​ well as​ the​ amount of​ tire pressure you may need to​ maintain in​ your mountain bike. All you need to​ do is​ keep this correlation in​ mind before as​ well as​ after you buy your mountain bike.

Mountain Biking adventures involve rugged, rough landscapes and​ unpaved roads. Sometimes paved roads and​ well trodden bike trails are also preferred by some mountain bikers. the​ choice of​ adventure depends from biker to​ biker and​ thus the​ choice of​ Mountain Bike will differ too. Before you decide on your choice of​ mountain bike, you should delve into certain important factors like the​ type of​ tires you will need and​ the​ type of​ trail you will be riding on. the​ importance of​ choosing the​ right Mountain Bike tires can be listed as​ below.

Types of​ Tires – Wide, Narrow, High Friction, Low Friction

As already pointed out, the​ type of​ mountain biking adventure one prefers differs from biker to​ biker and​ this very aspect should help you determine the​ type of​ tires you will need and​ the​ type of​ mountain bike you will have to​ purchase. Though you can purchase multiple set of​ tires yet it​ is​ important to​ take a​ good check on the​ tires on the​ Mountain Bike you wish to​ purchase. if​ you are a​ biker who loves riding on rough terrains, your choice of​ mountain bike should have wide, heavy tires which are ideal to​ handle the​ friction and​ dangers of​ rough terrains.

Similarly, if​ your interest lies in​ mountain biking on pavements and​ well paved paths, then narrow smooth tires are what you need. However a​ point to​ remember is​ that even tires used for​ mountain biking on paved road do need to​ have friction although on a​ lesser scale. Using tires with high friction on paved areas can cause you to​ lose speed so though high friction tires can be used, they should be preferably avoided.

Appropriate pressure in​ tires

Having determined the​ type of​ tires you need for​ your mountain bike, you need to​ now focus on the​ tire pressure. the​ right tire pressure can give you a​ smooth ride and​ better control on your mountain bike. the​ effects on maintaining either low tire pressure or​ high tire pressure are easily evident. a​ mountain bike having high tire pressure can lead to​ a​ bumpy uneven ride which can result in​ loss of​ control. On the​ other hand, low tire pressures can make riding difficult and​ increased possibility of​ tire punctures.

Nowadays, bikers also have the​ viable option of​ selecting tubeless tires for​ their mountain bikes. However tubeless tires require low tire pressure ranging from thirty to​ forty pounds per square inch but the​ benefit would be lesser chances of​ facing a​ flat tire and​ the​ ability to​ ride on less than normal pressure in​ tires for​ various types of​ mountain bikes.
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