What Are Birds

Birds are warm-blooded,​ bipedal egg-laying vertebrates that are characterized primarily by their physical features of​ feathers,​ forelimbs modified as​ wings,​ and hollow bones. Birds range largley in​ size from tiny hummingbirds all the​ way up to​ the​ huge Ostrich. Depending on​ how you​ look at​ it,​ and what your viewpoints are there are approximately ten thousand different species of​ living birds. Note the​ living. there are several others that have become extinct throughout human history. This mass in​ numbers makes birds the​ most diverse class of​ terrestrial vertebrates.

Birds are at​ the​ majority of​ times a​ very differentiated class,​ with some feeding on​ nectar,​ plants,​ seeds,​ insects,​ rodents,​ fish,​ carrion,​ or​ other birds. Most birds are diurnal,​ which means that they are active during the​ day. Some wild birds,​ such as​ owls and nightjars,​ are nocturnal or​ crepuscular which means that they are active during the​ night. Several birds will migrate long distances to​ take advantage of​ optimal habitats. With that aside there are others that will spend almost all their time at​ sea. Some birds have the​ ability to​ stay up in​ the​ air for days at​ a​ time,​ even sleeping while in​ the​ air.
All birds have similar characterists:
- Bony beak with no teeth
- Laying of​ hard-shelled eggs for reproduction
- high metabolic rate
- Light and strong skeleton

Most birds also share the​ common trait of​ flight however there are sevaral species of​ flightless birds,​ that exist mostly on​ islands. These are birds that once used to​ have the​ ability,​ but do to​ adaption have lsost it. a​ famous flightless bird is​ the​ kiwi which exists in​ New Zealand.
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