Vitamins And Minerals Are Health Magnets For Our Bodys Circulatory System

Vitamins and Minerals Are Health Magnets For Our Bodys Circulatory System
Our body’s circulatory system is​ made up of​ the​ heart,​ arteries,​ veins and capillaries. This circulatory system transports oxygen,​ nutrients,​ water and blood throughout our bodies as​ well as​ assists in​ the​ removal of​ waste products. Obviously keeping this system in​ tip top shape is​ essential to​ its efficiency and to​ our health.
One of​ the​ things we can do to​ help keep our circulatory system healthy is​ to​ make sure that we are properly nourishing it​ with healthy diet filled with vitamins and minerals.
Vitamin C is​ responsible for strengthening the​ walls of​ the​ blood vessels throughout the​ body. This has to​ do with its role in​ the​ production of​ collagen,​ which is​ an essential connective tissue. Copper is​ a​ mineral that is​ necessary for the​ process of​ making the​ body’s connective tissue. Biotin is​ critical to​ the​ health of​ the​ circulatory system,​ as​ well as​ to​ the​ circulatory system’s performance,​ as​ it​ has a​ function in​ a​ number of​ essential enzyme processes.
Vitamin E helps to​ promote the​ healthy functioning of​ the​ circulatory system in​ a​ couple of​ ways. it​ helps to​ dilate the​ veins and it​ has a​ role in​ the​ controlling of​ blood clotting. Another important aspect of​ Vitamin E is​ its antioxidant properties,​ something that it​ shares with Vitamin C. These vitamins,​ with the​ help of​ other antioxidants,​ serve in​ the​ essential capacity of​ bringing free radicals,​ which if​ left unchecked can damage body tissue,​ under control.
Potassium,​ long known as​ being beneficial to​ the​ heart also serves other parts of​ the​ circulatory system. One important function of​ potassium is​ to​ control blood pressure and fluid stability in​ the​ circulatory system. Sodium shares in​ these important functions of​ maintaining the​ blood’s balance and pressure. We hear so much about the​ negatives of​ sodium that it’s easy to​ forget that sodium is,​ in​ reality,​ a​ mineral that is​ essential to​ the​ body’s functioning,​ particularly in​ the​ circulatory system. the​ key to​ sodium is​ moderation,​ a​ little is​ necessary but too much could be dangerous.
It’s apparent that the​ circulatory system is​ essential to​ a​ healthy body. it​ makes sense to​ support its functions with a​ diet that meets the​ recommended daily levels of​ vitamins,​ minerals and other nutrients. Because the​ proper balance of​ nutrients is​ so vital to​ the​ functioning of​ our bodies and its supporting systems,​ choose your nutritional supplements carefully. Choosing top quality ingredients will insure that you​ are doing your body good and not spending money unwisely. Make your circulatory system happy,​ feed it!
Vitamins And Minerals Are Health Magnets For Our Bodys Circulatory System Vitamins And Minerals Are Health Magnets For Our Bodys Circulatory
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