Virgin Coconut Oil The Elixir For Health

Coconut trees can be found in​ almost all of​ the​ 7,​ 107 islands of​ the​ Philippines --- a​ hot,​ humid,​ and tropical country located in​ Southeast Asia. For centuries,​ the​ inhabitants of​ these islands have turned to​ the​ coconut tree --- the​ so-called “Tree of​ Life” --- as​ a​ source of​ materials for shelter,​ food,​ and alternative medicine. the​ coconut tree is​ called “Tree of​ Life” because almost all of​ its parts can be utilized. the​ trunk is​ used as​ lumber; the​ woven leaves are used for roofing; and even midribs from the​ stems are brought together to​ form a​ native broom.

Another natural product that comes from the​ tree is​ the​ coconut oil. This oil is​ derived from fresh coconut meat to​ produce a​ food supplement known as​ Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO). Using the​ “cold press” method,​ the​ coconut oil is​ extracted by grating the​ fresh coconut and by squeezing the​ coconut meat. the​ coconut milk is​ put into a​ sanitary container,​ covered,​ and allowed to​ stand for about 24 to​ 36 hours. the​ “virgin” coconut oil which naturally separates from the​ water content of​ the​ coconut milk is​ then transferred to​ another container. at​ that stage,​ the​ VCO is​ ready for consumption without cooking,​ heating,​ or​ any other process that might take away some of​ the​ nutritional properties of​ the​ virgin oil.

Lately,​ the​ coconut oil has been given much attention not only for its use in​ cooking but also for its value as​ a​ hair and skin care product. the​ VCO is​ actually used as​ a​ hair tonic and skin moisturizer. Many Filipinos use the​ coconut oil to​ maintain a​ youthful,​ wrinkle-free skin. VCO can also be used to​ treat sunburned skin.

Research findings show that VCO is​ an​ effective ingredient for skin care treatment. the​ virgin coconut oil is​ high in​ antioxidants that penetrate into the​ concealed tissues of​ the​ skin. the​ oil helps protect the​ body against the​ formation of​ free radicals which are molecules that rob electrons from the​ millions of​ cells in​ the​ human body. Free radicals damage and destroy these cells including the​ body's connective tissues. These tissues are responsible for keeping the​ skin elastic and flexible. VCO helps to​ strengthen these connective tissues and aids in​ the​ prevention of​ skin sagging and wrinkling. VCO softens and moisturizes the​ skin,​ and removes dirt from the​ outer layer of​ the​ skin making it​ shiny and smooth.

Many skin care solutions in​ the​ market are made from vegetable oils that have gone through various refining processes,​ making these products prone to​ free radical generation. These processes have stripped these products of​ most of​ the​ essential antioxidants.

Virgin coconut oil is​ still a​ very good skin care treatment alternative since it​ has retained its antioxidant properties. the​ antibacterial,​ anti-viral and anti-fungal properties of​ VCO are from the​ presence of​ lauric acid in​ the​ oil. Lauric acid helps prevent disease-causing bacteria that may lead to​ skin infections. Medical experts now advise people to​ take at​ least two tablespoons of​ VOC a​ day as​ a​ preventive measure against bacterial infection. VCO kills many forms of​ viruses and bacteria that cause pneumonia,​ ear and throat infections,​ and other illnesses. Instead of​ taking antibiotics and other synthetic drugs,​ people should now consider the​ use of​ VCO as​ a​ food supplement and over-all health aid.
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