Vintage Aircraft The Major Attractions Of Air Festivals

You can't imagine the​ feeling of​ wonder,​ viewing a​ vintage aircraft and watching a​ vintage aircraft flying. It’s really awesome to​ watch the​ flying machines of​ our predecessors. Watching vintage aircraft flying is​ like going through the​ pages of​ history of​ flying machines scripted by some of​ the​ yore flying geniuses.

Vintage flying machines of​ past times are often exhibited at​ airshows and static airshows. Vintage airshows brings together people from around the​ world to​ share their knowledge and interest in​ the​ aircraft of​ yesteryears. These airshows help keeping aviation history alive. They help flying enthusiasts to​ get together and share their views on​ flying. Furthermore,​ these shows are helpful in​ educating people about aircraft.

Often,​ the​ term vintage is​ used to​ define old things. Vintage cars are commonly defined as​ the​ cars built between the​ start of​ 1919 and the​ end of​ 1930. However,​ there are different opinions on​ the​ exact vintage period. According to​ some,​ the​ period starting with the​ end of​ the​ World War I and ending with the​ start of​ World War II is​ vintage era.
So,​ the​ aircraft belonging to​ old times or​ vintage period may be called vintage aircraft. Vintage aircraft include Aeronca 7AC Champ,​ Beech 18,​ Beech E17B Staggerwing,​ Bellanca 14-13 Cruisair,​ Bellanca 14-19 Cruisemaster,​ Bücker BU-131 Jungmann,​ Cessna 120,​ Cessna 140,​ Cessna 170,​ Cessna 190,​ Cessna 195,​ Commonwealth 185 Skyranger,​ De Havilland Chipmunk,​ Fairchild 24W,​ Fairchild PT-19,​ Fairchild PT-26,​ Fleet 7,​ Globe GC-1B Swift,​ Howard DGA-15,​ Luscombe 8A Silvaire,​ Monocoupe 110,​ Naval Aircraft Factory N3N,​ North American NA-50,​ Piper J-3 Cub,​ Piper PA-22 Tri-pacer,​ Rearwin 9000 Sportster,​ Ryan PT-22,​ Ryan STA,​ Stearman C3-R Business Speedster,​ Stearman PT-17,​ Stinson SR-10 Reliant,​ Stinson V-77,​ Taylorcraft BC-12D,​ Travel Air 4-D,​ Waco ASO,​ and Waco YKS-7.

Vintage aircraft are beauty to​ watch. These aircraft are the​ major attractions of​ air festivals. Oftentimes vintage aircraft are exhibited and flown at​ air festivals. Lots of​ people come to​ air festivals just to​ watch the​ shows of​ vintage aircraft. These airplanes are usually flown for the​ pleasure.

You can enjoy watching these vintage aircraft flying. You can watch them closely at​ static airshows. Most of​ the​ airshows allow you go closer and photograph these vintage flying machines. You can know a​ lot about your favorite vintage airplane,​ and can even have a​ chat with the​ pilots of​ vintage aircraft at​ air festivals.

So,​ if​ you are fond of​ vintage flying machines,​ what are you waiting for? Just rush and grab your tickets for vintage airshow and air festival that is​ scheduled on​ November 10th and 11th at​ Fantasy of​ Flight in​ Polk City,​ FL. You can buy your tickets online.
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