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Differing Views on​ Astrology

Astrology is​ ​ practiced differently throughout the​ world. Some parts of​ ​ the​ world utilize the​ study of​ ​ all of​ ​ the​ stars including the​ planets, the​ moon, and​ the​ sun. America has been leaning toward use of​ ​ strictly sun signs over the​ last several decades as​ horoscopes have invaded virtually all print media. Other areas of​ ​ the​ world, such as​ China, utilize only the​ moon cycles in​ ​ their studies of​ ​ astrology.

Astrology is​ ​ also viewed differently throughout the​ world. Astrology can be a​ ​ very controversial subject in​ ​ America. you​ will find people that think that astrology is​ ​ completely fake, entertainment only, or​ absolutely real and​ reliable. you​ may even find people who think that astrology is​ ​ the​ work of​ ​ the​ devil. But in​ ​ many other parts of​ ​ the​ world, astrology is​ ​ viewed quite differently.

In America, astrology is​ ​ sometimes used to​ ​ decide the​ best time for​ a​ ​ wedding or​ other event. Astrology is​ ​ sometimes used in​ ​ daily life by some Americans, although many Americans only regard astrology as​ entertainment and​ religiously read their horoscope every week, just to​ ​ see if​ ​ it ​ will be right or​ not. Other Americans disregard astrology all together, and​ give the​ art little or​ no thought whatsoever.

However, in​ ​ China and​ India astrology is​ ​ used on​ a​ ​ daily basis to​ ​ determine what activities should be pursued each day. Certain moon cycles are found to​ ​ be best for​ certain types of​ ​ activities or​ decisions in​ ​ China and​ India. This is​ ​ not unlike the​ way that farmers once used the​ cycles of​ ​ the​ moon to​ ​ determine the​ best time to​ ​ plant or​ harvest. the​ concept is​ ​ simply taken beyond the​ fields and​ into everyday life.

Astrology is​ ​ also viewed differently based on​ religion. Astrology is​ ​ a​ ​ large part of​ ​ religious life in​ ​ the​ Eastern world. Paganism, a​ ​ 's Golden Dawn, also use astrology to​ ​ determine the​ best time for​ rites and​ rituals.

However, some religions view astrology as​ evil, or​ the​ work of​ ​ the​ devil. Both Judaism and​ some denominations of​ ​ Christianity have this view of​ ​ astrology. There are many scriptures in​ ​ both the​ old and​ new testaments of​ ​ the​ bible that warn against the​ study of​ ​ the​ stars and​ divination.

On the​ other hand, some Christian groups either embrace astrology or​ fail to​ ​ regard the​ study of​ ​ the​ skies entirely in​ ​ their teachings. There are also scriptures in​ ​ the​ bible that refer to​ ​ watching the​ stars and​ the​ skies for​ signs of​ ​ the​ first and​ second comings of​ ​ Jesus Christ. Due to​ ​ these scriptures, some faiths tend to​ ​ believe that astrology for​ the​ use of​ ​ divination is​ ​ against the​ will of​ ​ God, while the​ actual study of​ ​ the​ stars is​ ​ actually a​ ​ good thing.
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