Victorian Weddings

The ceremony of​ marriage is​ normally governed by the​ religious formularies of​ the​ church to​ which the​ bride may belong, which chooses the​ clergyman for​ its performance.

The bride has usually two bridesmaids, and​ the​ groom the​ same number of​ groomsmen. This number is​ not set in​ stone, and​ it​ may be increased. the​ proper Victorian marriage is​ customarily performed at​ 12 o'clock in​ the​ day, at​ the​ church, which is​ first entered by the​ bride resting on​ the​ arm of​ her father, uncle, or​ the​ person is​ to​ "give her away." Next comes the​ groom, with the​ mother or​ closest female relative. the​ groomsmen and​ bridesmaids, arm in​ arm follow them. the​ immediate relatives complete the​ procession to​ the​ altar, where the​ bride and​ groom take their places in​ advance, with the​ parents closely behind, and​ the​ rest gathered in​ a​ group about them.

The groom is​ responsible for​ providing the​ wedding ring, and​ have it​ in​ readiness at​ the​ proper moment when called upon to​ place it​ on​ the​ brides ring finger. the​ ring is​ placed on​ the​ third finger from, but not counting the​ thumb of​ the​ left hand.

After the​ wedding ceremony is​ complete, the​ question sometimes arises whether the​ bride is​ to​ be kissed by the​ groom. Traditionally, the​ kiss is​ considered improper behavior, but it​ is, of​ course, common practice today. Finally, all their friends and​ family in​ the​ church congratulate the​ bride and​ groom. Elderly relatives may kiss the​ bride in​ congratulation. Queen Victoria herself was kissed by the​ Duke of​ Sussex, but not by Prince Albert.

The married couple then return to​ the​ bride's house together, taking precedence of​ all, and, on​ arrival, assume a​ standing position at​ one end of​ the​ reception-room and​ await the​ coming of​ the​ invited guests, who, as​ they enter, are conducted by the​ groomsmen to​ offer their congratulations. the​ usual breakfast or​ lunch closes the​ ceremony.
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