Vermilion Bird Of The South

Vermilion Bird of ​ the​ South

The Vermilion Bird of ​ the​ South represents the​ South and the​ summer season. the​ Vermilion Bird isn’t used solely in​ ​ Chinese astrology. it ​ is​ ​ also depicted in​ ​ many Japanese cartoons and comic books.

The Seven Mansions that make up the​ Vermilion Bird are the​ Well,​ the​ Ghost,​ the​ Willow,​ the​ Star,​ the​ Extended Net,​ Wings,​ and the​ Chariot.

Each Mansion is​ ​ then broken up into Asterisms.

The Asterisms of ​ the​ Well are the​ Well,​ the​ Battle Axe,​ the​ South River,​ the​ North River,​ the​ Celestial Wine Cup,​ Five Feudal Kings,​ Accumulated Water,​ the​ Pile of ​ Firewood,​ the​ Irrigation Official,​ Water Level,​ the​ Four Channels,​ the​ Market for Soldiers,​ the​ Wild Cockerel,​ the​ Grandfather,​ the​ Son,​ the​ Grandson,​ the​ Palace Gate,​ the​ Celestial Wolf,​ the​ Bow and Arrow,​ and the​ Old Man. All of ​ these stars appear in​ ​ the​ Western constellations of ​ Gemini,​ Canis Minor,​ Cancer,​ Gemini,​ Canis Major,​ Columba,​ Monoceros,​ and Puppis.

The Ghost mansion is​ ​ populated by the​ asterisms Ghost,​ Cumulative Corpses,​ Beacon Fire,​ the​ Celestial Dog,​ the​ Outer Kitchen,​ the​ Celestial Earth God’s Temple,​ and the​ Judge for Estimating the​ Age of ​ Animals. Here in​ ​ the​ West,​ we would know these stars as​ the​ constellations Cancer,​ Pyxis,​ Vela,​ and Hydra.

The third Mansion,​ Willow,​ has only two Asterisms—Willow and Banner of ​ a​ ​ Wine Shop. These are parts of ​ the​ constellations Hydra and Leo.

The Star Mansion is​ ​ broken out into six Asterisms. They are Star,​ Celestial Premier,​ Celestial Cereals,​ Xuanyuan,​ Maids in​ ​ Waiting,​ and the​ High Judge. XuanYuan is​ ​ replaced by the​ given name of ​ the​ Yellow Emperor,​ and these Asterisms are located in​ ​ the​ constellations Hydra,​ Sextans,​ Vela,​ Leo,​ the​ Lynx,​ and Leo Minor.

The Extended Net Mansion is​ ​ split into the​ Extended Net and the​ Celestial Temple asterisms. Their stars are in​ ​ the​ constellations Hydra and Pyxis.

The Wings Mansion is​ ​ also broken up into two Asterisms,​ the​ Wings and Dongou.

Finally,​ the​ Chariot mansion is​ ​ made up of ​ the​ Chariot,​ Changsha,​ Left Linchpin,​ Right Linchpin,​ Green Hill,​ Military Gate,​ the​ Master of ​ Constructions,​ and the​ House for Musical Instruments. the​ constellations for these are Corvus,​ Hydra,​ and Centaurus.
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