Vedic Astrology More On Saturn And His Aspects

In Vedic astrology, the​ three most outer planets of​ Mars, Jupiter and​ Saturn each cast a​ special aspect. the​ 's a​ great story about Saturn aspects, Saturn's "looks". Once, Lord Shiva and​ Parvati after having their first child Lord Ganesh, held a​ party and​ invited all of​ the​ gods, Demi Gods and​ Planets to​ participate. it​ was a​ beautiful celebration except one of​ the​ planets, Lord Saturn, seem to​ be kind of​ depressed and​ moping in​ the​ corner go figure! - in​ fact he would not even look at​ the​ beautiful Ganesh. Now, the​ planets are powerful -- but they are not as​ powerful as​ the​ gods, especially the​ mighty Lord Shiva and​ Mother Shakti, Parvati.

So the​ great goddess upon seeing Lord Saturn unmoved by the​ festivities asked him why he was not participating. Saturn replied "Great Goddess, your child is​ beautiful and​ I do not want my looks to​ ruin that beauty - a​ glance from me is​ not always welcome". "Nonsense!", declared Parvati, "I insist you​ look at​ my child immediately!". at​ which time Lord Saturn gaze gently at​ the​ beautiful Ganesh. No sooner did Saturn look at​ Ganesh, then did the​ beautiful boys head falloff!! One look from Saturn decapitated Ganesh. Lord Shiva went to​ find a​ suitable replacement head and​ was said to​ have found the​ head of​ one of​ Lord Indra's elephants - and​ so Ganesh was given this elephant head.

And so it​ is​ said that the​ Saturn aspects can be more difficult than the​ Saturn conjunction.

So this means, for​ the​ last couple of​ years Saturn has been looking at​ the​ signs of​ Sidereal Virgo and​ Aries. Does that speak to​ anyone?
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