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The Sun has entered Cancer in​ the​ Sidereal zodiac, bringing a​ strong tendency to​ nurture and​ emotionally protect our loved ones. When the​ Sun goes through Cancer the​ quality of​ divine motherhood is​ awakened in​ each of​ us -- at​ least that is​ the​ potential. Suddenly there's a​ renewed sensitivity to​ all of​ us as​ children. There is​ a​ great possibility for​ all to​ lay down their weapons and​ sympathize with their enemies for​ the​ next couple of​ weeks.

Cancer is​ the​ sign of​ sensitivity, compassion and​ motherhood. it​ is​ ruled by the​ moon, the​ planet of​ selfless love, nurturing and​ peace. This is​ different than the​ type of​ love we have in​ relationships which are transactional in​ nature. Relationship love is​ between two equals, two grown-ups. in​ relationship love, each person has to​ hold up their part of​ the​ bargain, whatever that "bargain" is. Every relationship has different boundaries that are negotiated and, however strange those boundaries may look to​ outsiders, as​ long as​ the​ two partnered agree with the​ terms, and​ honor them - there's usually smooth sailing.

This is​ what makes the​ relationship house seventh house a​ secondary business / career house. We use the​ same negotiating skills at​ our job that we use in​ our romantic relationship - after all, people are people. the​ larger issue in​ relationships is​ our ability to​ compromise and​ satisfy our desires as​ well as​ accommodate another person's. Those who are able to​ yield their desires with dignity do well in​ relationships. But this takes an​ authentic desire to​ please others combined with an​ equally authentic intuition which knows where to​ draw the​ line and​ can draw that line without anger or​ excessive ego.

However, the​ capacity to​ play fair and​ negotiate and​ uphold common boundaries, etc. will be very damaging in​ a​ parent / child relationship. Once a​ parent starts demanding the​ child treat them as​ an​ equal, at​ least when they're young, there can be great harm done. of​ course, once the​ child grows up into teenage years and​ beyond the​ relationship starts to​ develop and​ mature. But still, the​ parent must always put the​ needed the​ child ahead of​ their own. Fortunately, nature makes this easy -- once the​ child begins to​ grow up and​ develop their own personality, many immature parents stop serving the​ child / selflessly loving the​ child - and​ start to​ a​ great deal of​ harm.

Negotiating proper relationship boundaries are related to​ Venus and​ powerfully expressed through the​ Cardinal sign she rules, Libra - the​ sign of​ relationships. And, as​ was said, the​ Moon rules selfless parental love that only knows how to​ give. the​ mother loves the​ child no matter what the​ child does. But this shows the​ inherent struggle between Venus and​ the​ moon – the​ inherent struggle between selfless love and​ conditional love.

It's very easy to​ mix these two things up in​ our mind. When relationships become dominated by a​ selfless, parental type of​ love -- is​ only a​ matter of​ time before it​ starts to​ feel like abuse for​ one and​ co-managing for​ the​ other. There has to​ be accountability first, only then can romantic love become selfless, devoted love. Similarly if​ the​ parent / child love is​ too transactional, with a​ parent constantly insisting upon the​ immature mind of​ the​ child to​ be accountable for​ their emotional mistakes, as​ we would expect from our partner, much trouble arises also. Without the​ paradigm of​ selfless love in​ the​ parent/child relationship, the​ parent will not be able to​ insist upon accountability without the​ child feeling attacked.

This is​ an​ important issue at​ this time with Venus about to​ go retrograde into the​ sign of​ Cancer. in​ Vedic astrology both the​ moon and​ the​ Sun are enemies of​ Venus. This enmity is​ expressed in​ different ways. the​ influence of​ the​ moon on​ Venus including occupying the​ sign of​ Cancer is​ to​ confuse the​ transactional nature and​ expectation of​ adult relationship boundaries with the​ utterly selfless, caretaking, maternal nature of​ the​ moon. the​ influence of​ the​ Sun on​ Venus including occupying the​ sign of​ Leo is​ to​ insist upon a​ passionate, fiery and​ romantically accountable nature.

These themes will play out in​ the​ upcoming Venus retrograde cycle discussed last week in​ this newsletter.

The upcoming Venus retrograde cycle will mirror the​ recent Saturn retrograde cycle and​ also foreshadow next year's Mars/Ketu conjunction at​ 28° Cancer. There is​ another very important factor that must be kept in​ mind relative to​ this Saturn / Venus relationship.
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