Using Wordpress As A Content Management System Or Cms

There has been talk about using Wordpress beyond the​ typical blog set-up, into the​ realms of​ a​ full-fledged content management system or​ CMS. Yet, most people have no idea how this is​ even possible.

I have to​ stress that the​ default Wordpress software is​ intended to​ be a​ blogging tool, so if​ you're trying to​ make it​ work like a​ different type of​ content management tool you'll have to​ use the​ correct plugins (enhancements) and​ have the​ a​ clear idea of​ what you want to​ achieve.

While the​ exact step-by-step method is​ out of​ the​ scope of​ this article, lets explore some of​ the​ ways you can use Wordpress, as​ I have personally done before.

1) Wordpress as​ an​ Article Directory

To make Wordpress work as​ an​ article directory, you'll need a​ special plugin, and​ a​ source for​ the​ articles. is​ the​ perfect tool for​ this, as​ the​ articles there are usually human-approved. They also encourage free distribution of​ their articles to​ other article sites.

After you have set-up the​ Wordpress plugin, you need to​ sign-up for​ Article Marketer's distribution list. By filling in​ their form and​ specifying the​ categories (or choose all categories), you automatically qualify to​ receive all old and​ new articles that are submitted to​

However, with Wordpress as​ an​ article directory, you'll only be able to​ receive syndicated articles. Authors won't be able to​ sign-up or​ create an​ account directly with you. It's also against's terms or​ service to​ encourage authors to​ sign-up directly with you.

2) Wordpress as​ a​ Membership Site

You can set-up a​ free or​ paid membership site using Wordpress. All it​ takes is​ a​ few simple plugins to​ get the​ job done. Once you've installed the​ plugins, members will need to​ login to​ your site in​ order to​ view the​ content. You can also place a​ login form in​ your Wordpress theme files to​ make it​ easy for​ users to​ lo in​ and​ out of​ your membership site.

However, the​ plugins only create a​ simple membership system, so if​ you're looking to​ create different membership levels and​ more advanced features, you'd probably want to​ sign-up with a​ professional membership system like and​ use their available plugins to​ ingrate with Wordpress.

At the​ time of​ writing, has available plugins for​ a​ reasonable cost and​ these will be installed by their support team, so you don't have to​ worry about the​ technical setbacks.

3) Wordpress as​ a​ Classified Ads System

Wordpress can work like any other classifieds website too. Users can sign-up on your site and​ place classifieds in​ the​ form of​ new blog posts. They can even set expiry dates for​ their ads and​ specify listings or​ "wanted" ads.

However, you will need to​ create all the​ necessary categories and​ even create a​ sign-up information page to​ teach your users how to​ place ads. the​ upside of​ using Wordpress as​ a​ classifieds site is​ that you can also use tagging tactics to​ get traffic from social bookmarking sites and​ sites like

4) Wordpress as​ an​ Audio / Video Training Site

Using the​ membership plugins mentioned above or​'s Wordpress compatibility plugins, you can create a​ membership site with Wordpress. Then, all you need to​ do is​ to​ add the​ "Podpress" plugin which takes care of​ all audio and​ video elements on your website.

You will be able to​ display and​ stream MP3 audio or​ FLV video using their built-in players. the​ Podpress plugin is​ really robust and​ also allows you to​ specify setting on iTunes, so you can make this commercially and​ available to​ the​ entire iPod / iTunes community.

As you can see by now, there's a​ whole lot of​ possibilities when it​ comes to​ using Wordpress to​ the​ extreme.

I've created an​ entire video training system to​ help newbies and​ advanced marketers alike master Wordpress. Yet, every day brings new possibilities to​ using Wordpress as​ a​ complex CMS instead of​ the​ modest blogging tool it​ was designed to​ be!
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