Using Hypnosis To Cure Phobias

The big question is​ "Can hypnosis cure phobias?".

When the​ hypnotist you are asking answers with a​ resounding "yes", the​ next thought is​ usually along the​ lines of​ "yeah, right".

But you'd be amazed at​ the​ high success rate that hypnosis has with phobias.

Top athletes regularly use hypnosis in​ all areas of​ their career. One of​ these areas that they may not be quite as​ public about is​ a​ fear of​ flying. After all, how can something as​ common place as​ flying be something to​ be afraid of? Surely almost every plane that takes off lands again safely?

Yet fear of​ flying is​ a​ biggie.

Hypnosis to​ the​ rescue!

By getting to​ the​ core of​ the​ fear, hypnosis can turn round the​ fear of​ flying and​ let you face an​ airport without turning into a​ quivering wreck.

The same goes for​ any other fear or​ phobia you've got.

For instance, if​ you've been afraid of​ heights since childhood, you can listen to​ a​ hypnosis MP3 and​ watch the​ fear melt away. This won't mean that you will lose the​ natural fear that kicks in​ when you are about to​ do something stupid from a​ height. But it​ will mean that you can climb a​ tower or​ tall building and​ admire the​ view, without your knuckles turning white while they are gripping the​ nearest safe object.

Public speaking is​ another very common fear. Truth be known, most of​ the​ audience probably don't care what you are saying in​ your presentation. They're just glad that it's you who drew the​ short straw rather than them. You can use hypnosis to​ boost your confidence in​ public speaking so that you don't break out into a​ cold sweat the​ next time you are asked to​ speak in​ public.
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