Universal Studios Attractions To See 186

Universal Studios Tours – Attractions to​ See
If you are planning a​ trip to​ Universal Studios,​ there
are many attractions to​ keep you occupied,​
including the​ Universal Studios Tour,​ which takes
about one hour .​
However,​ there are some attractions
that absolutely must not be missed!
All of​ the​ rides have a​ movie theme,​ and if​ you’ve
seen the​ movies,​ this makes the​ rides more
enjoyable .​
Start with Backdraft .​
This isn’t actually a​
ride,​ but it​ is​ a​ fire show that features lots of​ stunts
and interaction .​
Other shows that must not be
missed include Animal Planet Live,​ WaterWorld,​ and
Fear Factor Live .​
With Fear Factor Live,​ make sure
that you know what you are getting into before you
agree to​ participate!
Terminator 2: 3D is​ the​ same as​ the​ movie
Terminator 2 – but it​ is​ in​ 3D,​ which you probably
have not yet seen .​
The Mummy Returns: Chamber
of Doom is​ like a​ haunted house that you walk
through,​ which is​ full of​ thrills .​
The Studio Tour will
have you on​ the​ set of​ Jaws and Psycho,​ in​ a​
western town,​ on​ a​ New York street,​ and
experiencing an​ earthquake with King Kong .​
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