Understanding Blogging

Understanding Blogging
Blogging, what is​ it?
There are still people who do not know what blogs are .​
Because of​ the​ unusual name, people tend to​ think unpleasant things when they hear the​ word blog .​
is​ it​ a​ murky mixture of​ sand, water and​ dirt?
Blogs are like bulletin boards in​ the​ internet that are updated regularly, often in​ a​ daily basis .​
The contents of​ blogs are information about a​ specific topic, or​ in​ some types of​ blogs, people sometimes use them as​ a​ journal or​ diaries where they put in​ the​ details of​ their personal lives, their opinions about certain topics and​ even social commentaries .​
To put this in​ simple terms, blogs are used by the​ person who created the​ blog anyway he or​ she wants them to​ be .​
The creator of​ a​ certain blog is​ the​ author and​ its his or​ her responsibility to​ provide the​ contents.
To start or​ create a​ blog, here’s a​ few guidelines to​ get readers to​ actually read your blogs .​
Blogging is​ simple and​ easy to​ do .​
All you need is​ a​ computer and​ an​ internet connection.
Pick a​ topic and​ stay on it
To create a​ successful blog, you first have to​ pick a​ topic that you are interested or​ knowledgeable in​ then write an​ article about it .​
Although your opinion about a​ certain topic is​ acceptable, it​ is​ wise that you should stick to​ facts as​ much as​ possible .​
You can also mix in​ some humor if​ you want it​ to​ be more fun to​ read and​ also include your personal experiences about the​ topic .​
This would make the​ readers think that you actually experienced what is​ being discussed.
For example; your topic is​ about tennis, people who’ll be reading this is​ interested in​ tennis, therefore you shouldn’t write about what you watched on TV last night, include some tips that may interest readers, like how to​ improve your forehand or​ backhand and​ even how to​ prolong their tennis ball’s life .​
Stick to​ the​ topic, although you can also include some humor you experienced in​ the​ tennis court .​
Everyone did something stupid or​ embarrassing in​ a​ tennis court, its good to​ share them with people; it​ creates a​ more personal view of​ your blog and​ may seem friendly to​ read.
If you’re going to​ include humor or​ opinion in​ your blog, it​ is​ important that you balance it​ with factual information .​
Talking about your personal experience, whether good or​ bad, can affect your reputation in​ the​ web .​
Include some updated news about whatever product or​ service you’re discussing .​
It is​ good that you base your opinions on facts and​ include some advantages and​ disadvantages and​ remember to​ balance it.
Remember that no one will read old news; always keep your blog updated .​
Present it​ with factual news that is​ accurate and​ informative .​
If you write about something that happened a​ few months ago, it​ will not grab the​ reader’s interest .​
Writing about someone who won the​ Wimbledon Tournament that happened a​ few months ago will make people think that you are not updating your blogs and​ won’t read your blogs again, ever.
However, updating blogs is​ a​ very strenuous task; plan a​ schedule on when to​ update your blog and​ stick to​ it .​
Twice or​ thrice a​ week would be good enough to​ keep your readers loyal .​
Also, tell your readers on when you will update your blogs by posting it​ in​ the​ website .​
Remember that communication is​ the​ key to​ success to​ attract readers to​ your blog .​
No communication, no readers.
Keep you blog simple to​ understand .​
For example; your blog is​ about your gu​n hobby, do not put in​ technical terms and​ so many numbers .​
such as: This .50-70 M-1874 Belcher, 12 pounds, .50 cal .​
2 1/2-in .​
70 grn or​ FFG & 370 gr .​
PP and​ so on, this will get readers to​ close your blog page on the​ first second they see it .​
Put it​ in​ simple terms as​ much as​ possible .​
Remember that many people are interested about a​ certain topic but do not actually know the​ technical terms, in​ this case, about guns.
Your headline should be large, bold letters that can easily catch a​ reader’s attention .​
Naming your headline is​ also important .​
Do not just put in​ Guns or​ Tennis, but think of​ a​ catchy phrase to​ get your readers to​ actually read your content.
Put your old, similarly themed blogs in​ an​ archive .​
This is​ great for​ someone who is​ interested to​ read your old blogs .​
The keywords in​ your archived blog are also important to​ generate targeted traffic in​ your blog.
If you have written an​ article before, you probably know that it​ is​ important to​ spell check and​ proof-read what you wrote .​
Remember that what you write reflects your reputation .​
If you stumble upon a​ sentence, redo it.
These are some of​ the​ things to​ consider if​ you’re planning to​ blog .​
By following these few simple guides, you can be sure you’ll get a​ lot of​ readers and​ also keep them reading.
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