Types Of Drums Based On Your Musical Genre

Types Of Drums Based On Your Musical Genre
The components of​ your drum kit may vary greatly from that of​ any other drummer based upon the​ genre in​ which you play as​ well as​ your personal preferences and financial resources .​
Transportation issues may also play a​ part since you need to​ have a​ vehicle large enough to​ transport the​ drum set,​ and the​ more equipment that you have,​ the​ more room it​ will need for transportation .​
The venues where you perform may also have a​ bearing on​ the​ components of​ your set .​
If you are continually playing small clubs,​ the​ stage may not be large enough to​ accommodate a​ large number of​ drum components,​ so in​ spite of​ your genre and personal preferences,​ you may need to​ reduce your drum kit out of​ necessity.
Throughout history,​ using two bass drums has been a​ normal part of​ the​ drums for jazz bands,​ but recently many drummers,​ especially those in​ the​ hard rock and heavy medal genres have used dual bass drums .​
Since the​ 1980s it​ has been commonplace for drummers to​ use electronic drums either individually or​ as​ part of​ a​ standard drum set .​
Sometimes cowbells,​ gongs,​ tambourines,​ and other percussion instruments are also utilized in​ drum kits .​
a​ drummer may also have his own personal preferences in​ spite of​ those dictated by his genre,​ and therefore,​ creating a​ sound that is​ slightly different from every other performer in​ that genre .​
Some drummers also choose both snares and toms,​ and though they may not use them on​ every song,​ they become part of​ the​ drum kit to​ be utilized whenever needed or​ desired.
Though genre sometimes indicates the​ type of​ drums that are included within a​ kit,​ there is​ no hard and fast rule on​ it,​ In fact,​ even hard and heavy metal bands sometimes tone down a​ few songs on​ a​ CD,​ and thus the​ need does not exist for the​ harder sounds .​
Even some rock and roll bands from the​ past who had hard hitting drum sounds occasionally slowed it​ down through the​ use of​ just a​ bass or​ snare,​ allowing the​ guitars to​ carry most of​ the​ musical sound .​
After all,​ when you're talking about a​ ballad,​ you may not want the​ hard-hitting drum sound,​ but just a​ slow beat and occasional cymbal sound is​ all that is​ necessary.
The key to​ knowing what you need in​ your drum kit is​ in​ the​ type of​ music you will play,​ the​ venues where you will be performing,​ your budget,​ and your transportation resources .​
Personalize your kit based upon what you can transport and the​ size of​ the​ stages where you will perform rather than what you feel you should have or​ what you want .​
Even if​ you can afford it,​ it's senseless to​ buy something you can't use except for practice.
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