Types Of Blogging Platforms

Types of​ Blogging Platforms
Blogging is​ a​ way for​ people to​ express opinions and​ write a​ certain topics that can be read by a​ multitude of​ internet users .​
People blog for​ various reasons, they blog to​ have fun, make friends, to​ make extra money, seek attention and​ more .​
Some people even create a​ blog much like a​ personal journal that will include their everyday activities .​
Blogs are often updated by the​ blogger .​
Most blogs are now being used to​ make extra money; they often affiliate with other companies that are relevant to​ the​ topic in​ their blog.
Blogs is​ also a​ great way to​ interact with people .​
It enables you to​ meet people who have the​ same interest as​ you and​ lets you discuss about it.
Sometimes people who create blogs make money by asking their loyal readers for​ donations .​
This may seem ridiculous but many people become so interested with the​ blogs that they become a​ fan of​ it .​
The blog creator then asks their loyal readers for​ money to​ maintain their website .​
It can be a​ source of​ income .​
Another way to​ make money is​ to​ sell products .​
Often, loyal readers will make t-shirt designs that have a​ kind of​ blog website logo to​ sell them to​ their loyal readers.
Blogging created one of​ the​ most common questions about it .​
What are the​ different types of​ blogging.
There are basically three types of​ blogging, each with its own uses and​ advantages .​
Whether you want to​ blog for​ fun or​ for​ money making purposes, there’s a​ blog suitable for​ you.
Hosting weblog providers is​ a​ type of​ blogging platform where the​ blogger has to​ simply sign up and​ setup a​ blog account .​
To start blogging, you don’t need any special software to​ download and​ install in​ your computer .​
All you have to​ do is​ sign up and​ start blogging .​
Signing up is​ easy, its just a​ matter of​ having to​ fill out the​ required information about you and​ you can start blogging.
This type of​ blogging is​ one of​ the​ easiest and​ simplest ways to​ start blogging .​
Blogging this way is​ suitable for​ people who doesn’t know how to​ blog or​ are beginners in​ the​ world of​ blogging.
To set up your account, you first need to​ visit the​ blog providers’ website, sign up for​ a​ new account, and​ customize your blog page .​
Customizing in​ a​ blog provider’s page is​ easy; they usually have a​ step by step instruction to​ help you design your blog page .​
It will require you to​ choose templates, colors, themes, font, blog style and​ more.
This type of​ blogging platform is​ perfect for​ people who don’t have knowledge about programming like HTML or​ CSS, and​ other website technical programs.
Stand-alone blog software is​ another type of​ blogging platform .​
This type of​ platform requires the​ blogger to​ download and​ install a​ software to​ their computer .​
They can either acquire the​ software in​ the​ internet for​ free or​ with a​ minimal fee.
This way, you have more control of​ your blog designs and​ it​ also has a​ wide variety of​ themes which you can apply in​ your blog webpage .​
You just have to​ have a​ web host on where you can post your blog.
This type of​ blogging platform is​ beneficial for​ users who want to​ have more freedom in​ customizing their blogs .​
You also have the​ choice of​ adding functions and​ design templates for​ your blog page .​
If you plan on choosing this platform, you should be knowledgeable about the​ technical matters to​ make it​ work or​ you should know someone that can help you with the​ technical matters.
The third type of​ blogging platform is​ the​ remote blogging system .​
With this platform, bloggers have the​ option to​ host the​ blog system in​ the​ integrated blog host or​ by using your own domain.
When you use remote blogging system platform, the​ set up guideline is​ like that of​ the​ blog host provider, if​ the​ user wants their blog hosted by other websites .​
If he or​ she wants to​ have his or​ her own domain, the​ blogger should provide the​ FTP details to​ the​ remote web blog system, the​ details usually includes FTP address, FTP account user name and​ password.
This type of​ platform is​ recommended for​ users who have advanced knowledge about blogging and​ internet technical matters.
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