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There is​ something about buying a​ new bike that makes you feel like a​ kid again. On a​ shiny brand new bike, the​ wind feels a​ little wilder in​ your hair and​ you feel like your five years old. There's no question that buying a​ new bike is​ a​ rush. the​ question is, what kind of​ bike to​ buy?

Bicycles come in​ styles and​ prices to​ suit every need and​ virtually every budget. Choosing from the​ many types of​ bikes on the​ market is​ a​ personal decision that's basically determined by the​ type of​ riding you want to​ do.

If you are a​ serious off-road cyclist, you'll need a​ sturdy mountain bike. Distance riders will want a​ lightweight model that offers speed and​ comfort. Cross-country travelers should opt for​ touring bikes. Even companion bikes have their place with urban riders needing to​ share the​ ride with children or​ spouses.

The choice of​ types of​ bikes is​ yours and​ yours alone. Specialized bikes are available to​ suit those with very particular needs. if​ you have a​ bumpy commute, for​ example, you'll probably want a​ mountain bike. Although usually heavy with a​ higher rolling resistance, mountain bikes run smoothly along single tracks, over rocks and​ along steep mountain trails.

If you shop at​ the​ market, run an​ urban delivery service or​ just have a​ heavy load to​ bear, you should consider choosing a​ touring bike. These are generally sturdy, comfortable and​ stable. an​ added feature of​ the​ touring bike is​ the​ many forks and​ eyelets that can be used to​ attach racks and​ cranks as​ storage for​ all of​ your non-cycling gear.

Whatever kind of​ riding you do, never overlook the​ importance of​ a​ really comfortable seat. Some types of​ bikes feature ultra-comfortable recumbent seats. Others have more business-like economy seats. the​ former will provide you with more comfort while riding, and​ may even protect you from saddle sores. the​ latter will make your bike look more streamlined and​ professional, but can be a​ pain.

Another consideration is​ to​ buy a​ sports bike with a​ road racing frame and​ provision for​ triple cranks. if​ you are heavy-set or​ suffer from knee problems, cranks can be very beneficial in​ preventing pressure from falling on the​ knees when you are cycling on a​ stiff slope.

Buying a​ tandem bike is​ another possibility, particularly if​ you tend to​ ride with a​ companion. They are made for​ two riders and​ are more expensive than other bikes. There are a​ number of​ pros, and​ cons, that should be carefully considered before making the​ investment in​ tandem. if​ you do decide to​ purchase a​ bicycle built for​ two, make sure you get a​ model that has 700c wheels.

Hybrid bikes are great choices for​ those traveling short distances, going along well-laid cycle paths, or​ who just enjoy a​ relaxing cruise. Hybrids feature upright seats and​ handlebars, so they offer optimal comfort and​ really are a​ pleasure to​ ride.

Finally, if​ you want to​ really stand out, invest in​ a​ groovy cruiser bike. These can be fitted with a​ number of​ fancy accessories and​ components, and​ make for​ a​ relaxing ride if​ you tend to​ take short journeys. as​ the​ name suggests, these bikes are built for​ 'cruising'.

Buying a​ new bike is​ a​ personal decision that needs some careful thought. When you take the​ time to​ choose the​ right type of​ bike for​ your needs, you'll soon have a​ new set of​ wheels that will make you feel carefree and​ unstoppable. You'll feel just like a​ kid again.
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