Trouble Free Cooking

Trouble Free Cooking?
Believe it​ or​ not, trouble free cooking is​ a​ common desire around the​ world .​
Even those among us who love cooking and​ eating almost equally will be the​ first to​ confess that being able to​ cook without the​ worry of​ creating a​ mess, spilling, or​ burning would be a​ blessing .​
Truthfully speaking there really is​ no such thing as​ trouble free cooking though there are things you​ can do that will take a​ good deal of​ trouble out of​ your cooking.
Most of​ the​ tips here will be beneficial to​ novice or​ beginners in​ the​ culinary arts however, there are some great refresher tips for​ those who are more experienced when it​ comes to​ cooking as​ well .​
Hopefully you​ will learn some things through the​ next few paragraphs or​ at​ least remember some things you​ had forgotten.
First of​ all, cleaning as​ you​ go will take a​ lot of​ the​ trouble out of​ what comes after the​ cooking .​
When asked the​ least favorite thing about cooking a​ wide margin of​ women proclaim without a​ second of​ hesitation that the​ clean up by far is​ the​ worst thing about cooking .​
To make things easier, clean as​ you​ go .​
Keep a​ sink of​ hot sudsy water ready to​ go the​ entire time you​ are cooking and​ wipe up any spills that occur immediately to​ avoid sticky messes that are much more difficult to​ clean afterwards .​
You should also note that if​ you​ transfer your food to​ serving dishes and​ immediately wash your pots and​ pans they will be much easier to​ clean than if​ the​ food is​ allowed to​ sit in​ them while your family dines.
My best friend is​ constantly burning her dinners .​
The reason? She believes in​ high or​ low when it​ comes to​ cooking and​ there is​ nothing in​ between .​
Very few meals should be cooked on​ high truth be told .​
You are much better off to​ begin the​ food preparation at​ a​ medium or​ medium high temperature and​ to​ adjust accordingly .​
Make sure your oven is​ preheated .​
The temperature of​ the​ oven does indeed make a​ difference in​ the​ cooking process .​
While there are those that believe preheating is​ a​ simple waste of​ electricity it​ is​ what is​ required in​ order to​ achieve the​ optimal results when cooking .​
Most modern electric ovens will signal when the​ proper temperature has been achieved .​
Select recipes that fall within your comfort zone in​ order to​ avoid making mistakes or​ becoming too stressed about the​ cooking process .​
Once you've decided on​ your recipe read it​ through a​ couple of​ times in​ order to​ be certain that you​ not only understand all the​ steps involved but also have all the​ necessary ingredients before beginning .​
Wash your hands thoroughly and​ wash your hands often .​
Remember the​ sink of​ sudsy water I​ mentioned above? You'll want to​ use it​ quite frequently in​ order to​ wash any surface, cutting board, plate, or​ utensil that has come into contact with raw meat in​ order to​ avoid cross contamination .​
The same holds true for​ your hands .​
While to​ some degree these tips may seem a​ bit simplistic, when it​ comes to​ trouble free cooking there really is​ no such thing .​
The more you​ do to​ make the​ cooking process seem as​ effortless as​ possible the​ more trouble free your cooking will really be .​
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